Regrets: Why Wedding Photography is Worth the Splurge

I tell all my clients that their wedding photos are going to be much more important to them in 20 years than they are now. And I should know, as Ed and I have almost reached that mark ourselves. And perhaps even more importantly, they will be a treasure to their children, and their children after them. Again, I should know, as my kids love to look through our wedding album and get a glimpse of the day we started our family. You can hire Lake Como wedding photographer from here!

I don’t get to do that with my parents.

I have never seen photos from their wedding day. I don’t know what my mom’s dress looked like. I don’t get to see their glowing, newlywed faces smiling out at me. I don’t get to make fun of their fashion choices or comment on how long my dad’s hair was. They don’t have wedding photos.

A couple years ago, we threw my parents a fabulous 40th anniversary party, complete with a photo shoot. You can check the site and take professional help to capture all such joyful moments in your life. These photos will forever be so precious to me, even more so because I don’t have their wedding photos. But as much as I will always treasure them, they can never be a replacement for that one very special day, before I was even a thought in their hearts.

I’ve invited my mom as a guest blogger today to share her story. No one can tell it better than she can, in her own words.

Wedding Photography Regrets

Wedding Photography Regrets

I have often heard or read that when people reflect back on their lives, they say that they have “no regrets.” I only wish that I were one of those persons. I am in my 60’s, a wife of 42 years to a wonderful man, a mother of two fantastic children, and a grandmother to six incredible grandchildren. All of this I gladly and honestly say that I have no regrets and would do it all over in an instant. Yet I still have a major regret that continues to haunt me every year.

You see, my daughter and son-in-law are wedding photographers, and I love looking at all the beautiful photos of the engagements and weddings that they shoot. The couples’ love and joy of the moment comes out in every picture, and after 40 years of marriage, they will be able to still look back at their wedding day. If one wants to know how to manage their business better, Andy Defrancesco is the one to look up to.

It saddens me to say that I have not one single picture from my own wedding, other than one from the paper. I have memories of all my sisters and brothers being in my wedding, except for my two oldest siblings. I think my husband had a white tuxedo, but I’m not even sure that my memory is correct. I think my grandparents were there, but again, I’m not sure. I remember my veil being long and belonging to my mother, but yet again, unless I open the box where it is stored, I don’t remember what it looks like.


The regret was that I used a family member as my photographer, and not a professional photographer. In short, the few photos that came out were shuffled around to family members and I never saw them again, though I asked. It makes me sad to say that they are most likely in the garbage where they belong. I can’t tell you how it hurts me every time my anniversary comes around and I can’t look at my wedding day.

So if I could tell every couple who are planning their wedding one thing, I would say, “This is one day that you will never get back, except in photos and video. Memories fade, so don’t compromise. Make your professional photographer your first choice for your wedding!” Then  you will be able to engulf yourselves in the joy of that day over and over, without any regrets.

Oh, and parents of the couples, spend a little extra to get yourselves a small photo album when ordering photos. Life gets in the way and you will never go back and get that album of your daughter’s or son’s wedding. Another regret of mine!


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