Memphis University Club Wedding | Olivia + Mike

The blog is looking amazing today! Olivia and Mike’s winter University Club wedding was stunning, and I can’t wait to share it with you! Olivia looked amazing in her beaded ballgown, and just wait until you see Mike’s reaction when he saw her! My favorite thing about these two is that they love with not only their hearts, but their souls. Olivia and Mike have been carefully planning for marriage. Not their wedding (though they did that too!), but marriage. They are the real deal, and I know that they will be forever happy! Read on to see their beautiful, sophisticated wedding day!

Olivia and Mike started their day together at the Peabody Hotel as honorary duck masters! How awesome are they? When we walked into Olivia’s bridal suite to capture her preparation details, she was just as calm and collected as I knew she would be. She had taken our advice to relax and enjoy this part of the day, as it’s usually the calmest part of the day! She was enjoying time with her girls and telling stories about all the details that she and Mike had carefully chosen.

These two did not include anything in their wedding day that did not mean something personal to them, and I LOVE them for that! Olivia is very detail-oriented, so nothing was left out. From beginning to end, everything had a purpose and a special meaning. Olivia has a style all her own, and her wedding day did not disappoint! It was everything I knew it would be, and more!


When Olivia went shopping for a wedding gown, she said, “No ballgown. And no beads.” So what did she end up with? A beaded ballgown! And it was perfect for her.


Olivia puts her engagement ring on top of her perfume bottle, just like this, every night before bed. Like me, she is also a stationery snob! Her invitations were thick and beautiful with a reverse-embossed delicate monogram. Sigh.

memphis-university-club-wedding_0003 memphis-university-club-wedding_0004 memphis-university-club-wedding_0005 memphis-university-club-wedding_0006 memphis-university-club-wedding_0007

Love this shot of all her girls fluffing her dress!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0008 memphis-university-club-wedding_0009

After Olivia was zipped up, Mom looked on, tearfully.


Olivia shared a First Look with her dad before she shared one with Mike. It was sweet, tearfully joyful, and beautiful.


Meanwhile, Mike was preparing to see his bride. (*disclaimer: I may have changed the color of his room’s wall from blue to lavender so that it would match the wedding colors and look fabulous in their wedding album* :p )

memphis-university-club-wedding_0012 memphis-university-club-wedding_0013

Olivia and Mike chose to see each other before the ceremony (on the rooftop of the Peabody), and I’m so very glad they did! Olivia was overjoyed to see her groom…


And Mike was overwhelmed with Olivia’s beauty!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0015 memphis-university-club-wedding_0017

Before we went up to the rooftop for their First Look, we knew it was chilly. What we didn’t know was how windy it was! Olivia and Mike were troopers and stuck it out for the photos, and the light was beautiful!


But after a few photos outside, we took them back inside where it was warmer and less windy. Luckily, the Peabody has a beautiful elevator lobby!


This is probably my favorite shot of the whole day! I think it just says so much about the style of their wedding, and them!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0022 memphis-university-club-wedding_0023 memphis-university-club-wedding_0024

Looking good, Mike!


But Olivia stole the show.


These girls were amazing! You can’t tell it here, but they were all freezing! The wind wouldn’t let up, even on the ground. But they all rocked it and made it look easy!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0027 memphis-university-club-wedding_0028

I love this shot! So classic!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0029 memphis-university-club-wedding_0030 memphis-university-club-wedding_0031

Olivia and Mike got lucky in their chosen wedding date. Their church hangs this AMAZING banner just one week out of the year, to honor those who have died from AIDS. It’s sad but beautiful, and made the church look gorgeous.


Mom couldn’t hold back the tears as she waited for Olivia to walk toward her groom.


I LOVE long veils. Sigh.

memphis-university-club-wedding_0036 memphis-university-club-wedding_0037



This was our first time shooting at the University Club, and we loved it! It had such a cozy, classy feel. Perfect for a winter wedding!

Memphis University Club Wedding Memphis University Club Wedding

I’m a sucker for good chairs!

memphis-university-club-wedding_0041 Memphis University Club Wedding Memphis University Club Wedding

Mr. and Mrs.!

Memphis University Club Wedding

Such a sweet First Dance.

Memphis University Club Wedding

But it didn’t take long for the party to kick into high gear!

Memphis University Club Wedding Memphis University Club Wedding

Towards the end of the night, Olivia and Mike had chicken sliders delivered. Love it when couples take care of their guests all night long!

Memphis University Club Wedding

They were obviously good.

Memphis University Club Wedding

Nothing like ending the day with a flurry of rose petals!

Memphis University Club Wedding Memphis University Club Wedding

Olivia and Mike, thank you so much for allowing us to be a part of this very special day. We know you two will go far, as long as you are together. And that doesn’t seem to be a problem 😉 I can’t wait to hear all about Jamaica!

A special thanks to everyone who made this day so awesome!

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  • Gretta Benefield
    Posted at 14:23h, 03 December

    Such a perfectly beautiful couple!
    Their children will be gorgeous!
    Good luck and best wishes to fantastic couple!!

  • Susan D. Vescovo
    Posted at 10:24h, 08 December

    Lovely people make a beautiful couple. Wedding was perfect. Amy you captured it all with wonderful photos – great job! And so nice to ‘work’ with you. Susan