the one: morgan + mike.

{by Ed}


Some of the most important photos to capture at a wedding are photos of emotion and interaction.  My focus, as a second shooter, is to have a watchful eye for moments like that, and to capture it in a way that leaves no doubt the emotion that’s being felt.

Morgan and Mike had many moments like this throughout the day, but this moment between Morgan and her dad shows just how happy and proud Morgan’s dad is of her.  This was right after Morgan and Mike were made husband and wife, and the bridal party and family had been hidden away in order for the guests to move on to the cocktail party.

Memphis Peabody Wedding


Family and friends are so important to the bride and groom on their special day, and being able to capture those moments, to be re-lived over and over again, is an absolute honor!

Here’s to family and friends, and to very proud dads!


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