kristin + ken: the one

the one: kristin + ken

Hello blog readers and welcome to another installment of “the one” by yours truly! ¬†Ok, that was corny and I’m sorry about that, but I’m really glad you stopped by! ūüôā

Kristin and Ken had their wedding ceremony and reception in¬†the stunning Cadre building in downtown Memphis (you can take a look at Amy’s post for more photos and details of this wonderful wedding here). ¬†The setup of the ceremony gave me the chance to find a completely¬†different perspective and an angle that no one else could see. ¬†This was because I was able to be behind the minister and was pretty much able to move where ever I wanted without the audience seeing me, and I don’t often get that opportunity!

The stair railings were lined with candles, which made for a beautiful backdrop and allowed me to show depth in my photos. ¬†Shooting through the candles was exactly the perspective I was looking for, and since no one else would be able to see it the way I was, I knew I had scored a pat on the back from Amy ūüėČ

kristin + ken: the one

Always try and look at things from different perspectives and angles because you never know the beauty you might be missing.

Here’s to looking through the glass and to seizing the moment when you get that special opportunity!



  • Sarah
    Posted at 13:30h, 11 June

    Ooooh! This was one of my favorite photos, but wanted to call them bubbles! Now I see that it was candles! She’s so lucky to have all the photos, especially this one where she is wrapped in “bubbles!”