The One | Ed’s Best Shot From Michelle + Joe’s Wedding

It’s been awhile since we’ve done this series, and I don’t know why! I always love showing and talking about my favorite photos that Ed takes, so we’re going to be bringing this back, hopefully regularly! *crossing fingers*

Michelle and Joe had such a lovely, wonderful wedding dat that it was hard to choose just one photo! In the end, I went this one that Ed took at their reception at Heartwood Hall. We always love the fun and movement at receptions, but we normally take an observation role during this time, documenting what happens when it happens. Sometimes it can get easy to fall into the easy rhythm of the documenting process, and we can forget to be creative.

But receptions are such a great opportunity for creative shots! For one thing, the timeline is usually much more laid-back, and we are not as rushed as we are through other parts of the day. For another thing, there’s always so much happening! Receptions are never boring, so there’s always plenty of good subject matter. And lastly, because receptions are usually at night, we have lots of fun, artificial light to play with!

That’s exactly what happened here. Ed normally shoots with a telephoto, since I prefer a shorter lens and we want his photos to look different than mine. This particular lens has a zoom, so Ed started playing around with it. For this shot, he was able to set a slow shutter speed and zoom the lens while taking the shot. The result is that the light seems to be radiating from the bride and groom, and it really focuses all the attention on them! I just love the sense of motion and energy it lends to the photo!


Here’s what Ed has to say about this photo:

As many of you know, receptions become a big party to celebrate what happened earlier in the day.  And what happens at these big parties for hours on end?  You guessed it, DANCING!  Lots and lots of dancing!  Once we’ve photographed the special dances, the cake cutting, the bouquet toss, and the garter toss, capturing people having fun celebrating is next, and whoever is brave enough to get out there will most definitely get caught in the action 🙂

After a hundred or so dancing photos, we’ve pretty much got the vibe and emotion captured, so we look for other ways to bring out those special moments.  I love it when the bride and groom step out on that dance floor and get lost in their own little world, and that’s what happened here with Michelle and Joe.  A standard photo of the couple dancing would have been fine, but being able to use the lights pulsing around them just added depth and feeling to this photograph.


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