preparation photos for grooms.

{by Ed}


One of the benefits of a husband and wife team is being able to get the complete story of the bride and groom getting ready at the start of their day. ¬†Capturing the bride getting ready is never missed, because the day is all about her right? ūüôā ¬†Well, I tend to think that the groom needs a little attention as well! ¬†So, while Amy is taking photos of the bride, I am hanging out with the guys capturing all the antics, beer drinking, game watching, emotion before the big moment. ¬†Since guys only take about 10 minutes to get dressed, I have plenty of time to get details of what they are wearing, as well as, candids of them just being themselves.

And, this is exactly what happened at our last wedding at Heartwood Hall.  The groom and his groomsmen all arrived full of life and excitement and, surprisingly, ready to have their pictures taken regardless of what they were doing.  They had the game on, eating chick-fil-a, and laughing non-stop about the previous nights festivities and what had happened throughout the day leading up to this.

At Heartwood Hall, the guys get ready in a small house behind the main plantation home. ¬†Since it is a small, old house, there’s not a lot of bright overhead lights to contend with, so I used the natural light coming through the windows. ¬†To my surprise, the owners of Heartwood Hall also made a couple of modifications since the last time we were there. ¬†They added deer hangers to the wall to give the guys plenty of room for their shirts, suits, etc., and put in a smaller bed to open up the room (there’s only one bedroom in the house and that’s where everyone gets dressed). ¬†I definitely took advantage of those new hooks, since it fit the rustic style of their wedding and added that little something to make it unique.


Since their wedding colors were gray and yellow, I used the wall and a chair from the room, which were both yellow,  to carry that theme throughout the photos whenever I could.

Grooms usually don’t have a lot of extras they wear, so I make sure to get the tie, the vest, the shoes, and the coat. ¬†Of course, if there are special cuff links, or a special watch, ¬†or anything special for that matter, I’ll photograph those as well.

After the details were photographed and the groom was dressed, we went outside, since it was a gorgeous day and the light was divine, and took some portraits to get him warmed up for a full day of smiling for the camera!

I’m not going to leave the best man out of all this fun either. ¬†It’s his job to straighten the tie, the vest, and make sure the grooms is looking as sharp as he can. ¬†At this wedding, the brother was the best man, so I’m sure they look out for each other all the time.


I thoroughly enjoy this part of the day, since it is the calm before the storm, and I get the chance to absorb how the groom is feeling and help guide him through the rest of the day. ¬†I think what matters most though, is capturing those moments that the bride doesn’t always get to see.

To all the grooms-to-be out there, don’t be afraid to bring those extra things that you want to be part of your special day. ¬†Just because you always hear that it’s all about the bride, that doesn’t mean you can have a little piece of that day for yourself!


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