Woodruff-Fontaine Garden Wedding

the one: criston + garrett

Criston and Garrett are two of the most fun-loving people you will ever meet.  They are always laughing and smiling and making sure everyone around them does the same.  Amy said it perfectly in her blog post about their wedding day.  Today’s post about “the one” shows not only a beautiful couple taking part of their wedding day, but a glimpse into what we try to do to make every wedding creative and unique.  

Even though there are certain events that happen at every wedding, we look for creative angles to give a different look.  One of the greatest things about being a second shooter is that my photographs always come from a different perspective, which just adds to the uniqueness that we want in every wedding.

The photo below is of Criston and Garrett cutting that cake.  Now, you may ask yourself, “How can the cake cutting be unique?  You’re just cutting a cake after all!”, and you’re mostly right.  The act of cake cutting can pretty much only be done one way, but the elements that surround you are almost always guaranteed to be different.  In this case, the cake was sitting in front of a mirror.  The opportunity to make use of the reflection was mine to be had!!!  And, the only way I could see them holding hands, cutting the cake together, was through that reflection.

Woodruff-Fontaine Garden Wedding

Here’s to looking at things in a different perspective and finding that angle that everyone else tends to miss!



  • Sarah
    Posted at 12:40h, 30 May

    Just superb!