Cheryl and Omar's Heartwood Hall Wedding

the one: cheryl + omar

Cheryl’s and Omar’s wedding was simply spectacular.  The weather was great, Heartwood Hall was beautiful as always, and the bride and groom were absolutely gorgeous!  So how could a day like that get any better?  With sunset and a lake!

Amy is always in charge of posing and directing the couple, while I get to sit back and look for a good angle. She posed Cheryl and Omar where we could get the sun, the trees, the stone wall, and the water in the shot. I knew Amy was using a wider lens to capture more of the scene, so for something different, I used my telephoto lens to zoom in across the lake and really focus on the reflection of them in the water.  Sunset is our favorite time of day (who doesn’t love sunset??), and “golden hour” never fails to impress!

With this backdrop and this beautiful couple, there’s no denying that this is “the one”.

Cheryl and Omar's Heartwood Hall Wedding Here’s to golden sunsets, gorgeous couples, and reflections of a future that will last forever!


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