Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration

Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration

To finish up our Fall wedding inspiration week, I want to highlight one of my favorite weddings. Not just my favorite FALL wedding, but one of my favorite weddings ever! Deanna and Michael were married last November, outdoors on the bank of a park lake with a tall tree as a backdrop. It was simple and perfect, and Deanna made a lot of the details herself. When I found out one of her main colors was turquoise, I knew I’d be hooked! Add in the most gorgeous fall bouquet, complete with succulents, and I was in heaven.

A wedding doesn’t need to be expensive or elaborate to be personal and beautiful. Sometimes a little nature, and a few gorgeous flowers, are all you need. Fall is the perfect time for outdoor weddings, not only because the wedding is splendid, but because the changing leaves create the only background you really need. Deanna had a crafty, almost rustic, style, and the season and fall foliage was the perfect touch! Everything came together deliciously to create the perfect, natural DIY fall wedding.

Deanna and Michael love the outdoors. They got engaged at a park, we took their engagement photos at a park, so it was only natural that they get married at a park. As a photographer, I love tying in elements from the surroundings of any wedding (no matter where the wedding is held) as part of the day’s details. It’s my job, as storyteller, to describe the weather, the location, and the mood of the day. Deanna and Michael’s wedding was filled with lots of fall leaves, natural wood, and a variety of fall colors, which just went to enhance the colors and style they had chosen.

I loved it! Did I mention that I loved it?

Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration

Every wedding needs a signature cocktail, and what goes better with this outdoor, natural DIY wedding than an apple orchard? Can’t you just see these dreamy nuptials taking place among ripe apple trees? While I did briefly consider a pumpkin spice hot chocolate, this Apple, Ginger, and Cranberry Vodka Cocktail won in the end. The flavors are so fresh and warm… perfect for Fall! Plus, the colors really brought out the peaches, red, and oranges from our beautiful DIY wedding.

These cocktails would go perfectly with our theme, served in Mason jars with colorful striped straws. A wooden tray for serving brings it all home and ties in with our preparation details from the beginning of the day! A couple apples placed around the serving area would be an awesome, budget-friendly garnish.

Natural DIY Fall Wedding Inspiration

I found this recipe on What Katie Ate, and the ingredients are some of my favorites! I always love a little ginger. The apples make it sweet and flavorful, while a bit of cranberry ties it into the season. I can’t wait to try this (maybe for Thanksgiving!). It would be great served in pitchers, too! I would probably garnish the glasses with some whole cranberries. The best part? It’s super easy and quick to put together!

Apple, Ginger, and Cranberry Vodka Cocktails
  • 2 cups (500 ml) apple juice (use the cloudy type if you can)
  • 2 cups (500 ml) cranberry juice
  • 100 ml vodka
  • 2 cups (500 ml) ginger ale
  • Ice, to serve

Place the apple juice, cranberry juice and vodka in a blender and whizz until pale pink and frothy. Pour into a large serving jug, add the ginger ale and a good handful of ice. Serve immediately.

Well, that ties it up for Fall Wedding Inspiration Week! If you missed our woodland, rustic, fall wedding and our vintage Victorian fall wedding, make sure to check those out! The good news is that now that it’s October, we have just started shooting this year’s fall weddings! There will be lots more fall inspiration coming!

I hope you’re all as ready for fall as I am! Cheers!

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