Essence + Jamal | a Miami Yacht Wedding

I can’t think of a better way to start off a Thursday. I have been SO excited to share this Miami yacht wedding! Essence and Jamal were amazing clients, but more than that, they turned out to be such good friends! Ed and I could hang out with them all the time, and while we were in Miami, that’s exactly what we did!

Essence and Jamal booked us as their photographers without ever meeting us first. They were even flexible with their wedding date so that we could travel to Miami with them for their intimate destination wedding. When we finally did get to meet them, we saw what beautiful people they were, both inside and out, and we loved them right away. They knew they wanted their wedding to be shared with only those that they love most, and they wanted it to be a good time. So, without ever having been there before, they took the party to Miami, and it was all they ever dreamed it to be!

You know how you can tell what kind of a person someone is by the company they keep? That is so true with Essence and Jamal! They decided on a destination wedding so that they would be surrounded with only the people who love them most, and each and every one of those people were beyond awesome! So many of their friends and family traveled with them so that they could be there when Essence and Jamal said “I do.” And after being around them for a couple days, we could see why.

I apologize in advance for the length of this post! I just couldn’t narrow them down. I may be biased, but I truly feel like all these images are necessary to share the full story and feeling of their day!


The view of the bay from the bridal suite was gorgeous on this November day!

miami-yacht-wedding_0002 miami-yacht-wedding_0003

Essence’s dress was perfect for a yacht wedding, with just a hint of nautical stripes.

miami-yacht-wedding_0004 miami-yacht-wedding_0005

A little art deco glam for Miami? Yes please!

miami-yacht-wedding_0006 miami-yacht-wedding_0008 miami-yacht-wedding_0009 miami-yacht-wedding_0010

Essence’s daughter, Chloe, helped dress her. It was so sweet!

miami-yacht-wedding_0011 miami-yacht-wedding_0012 miami-yacht-wedding_0013

Meanwhile, Jamal was getting ready to see his bride.

miami-yacht-wedding_0015 miami-yacht-wedding_0016

Why yes, those are palm trees on his socks!

miami-yacht-wedding_0017 miami-yacht-wedding_0018

Essence and Jamal chose to see each other before the ceremony, and I’m so glad that they did! They had a tearful but joyful First Look, and it allowed us to get most of the photos done before boarding the yacht.

miami-yacht-wedding_0019 miami-yacht-wedding_0020 miami-yacht-wedding_0021 miami-yacht-wedding_0022 miami-yacht-wedding_0023

These girls were all wonderful! They pampered Essence all day and made sure she had everything she needed.

miami-yacht-wedding_0024 miami-yacht-wedding_0025 miami-yacht-wedding_0026

These guys. They were all so much fun, and just look at them! Style all around.

miami-yacht-wedding_0027 miami-yacht-wedding_0028 miami-yacht-wedding_0029

Love it when our groomsmen wear stylish socks. Love it more when they pose perfectly for a subtle sock photo!

miami-yacht-wedding_0030 miami-yacht-wedding_0031

The ceremony was held on the top deck of a triple story yacht! Luckily, Essence and Jamal didn’t know until later that I get extremely seasick! It was totally worth it for this gorgeous wedding.

miami-yacht-wedding_0032 miami-yacht-wedding_0033

The yacht sailed out to sea, and the ceremony began. I love this shot Ed grabbed as Essence made her way to the top deck!

miami-yacht-wedding_0033a miami-yacht-wedding_0034

The view of Miami behind us doesn’t even compare to the beauty of the bride and groom.

miami-yacht-wedding_0035 miami-yacht-wedding_0036


miami-yacht-wedding_0037 miami-yacht-wedding_0038

The lower deck was all “decked out” (sorry, I had to!) for brunch. We absolutely loved working with Bella Baxter Events, and Katherine made everything run so smoothly. Pinks and golds with a touch of navy for the win!

miami-yacht-wedding_0040 miami-yacht-wedding_0041 miami-yacht-wedding_0042

No detail was overlooked.


Then the party began!

miami-yacht-wedding_0044 miami-yacht-wedding_0045

This gives a whole new meaning to a father-daughter dance! Princess Chloe made sure everyone knew she was getting married too!

miami-yacht-wedding_0046 miami-yacht-wedding_0047

Jamal had to break out his best moves with a dance-off!

miami-yacht-wedding_0048 miami-yacht-wedding_0049

One last kiss as their guests disembarked…


The beauty of a brunch wedding is that we had so much time for portraits, since we didn’t do them until AFTER the wedding! We were able to roam Miami and not worry about a timeline. The light in Miami is perfectly dreamy!

miami-yacht-wedding_0051 miami-yacht-wedding_0058 miami-yacht-wedding_0052 miami-yacht-wedding_0053

Essence and Jamal are absolute PROS in front of the camera!

miami-yacht-wedding_0054 miami-yacht-wedding_0055 miami-yacht-wedding_0056

A big shoutout to Manny, the couple’s awesome driver, who showed us around Miami and parked the vintage Rolls Royce in front of this art deco building for the perfect ending shot. So Miami!


Essence and Jamal, words cannot explain how much this wedding meant to us! Not only was it a gorgeous day with gorgeous people, but you truly showed us why you are so loved. Thank you so much for spending the whole day after the wedding with us, when you should have been honeymooning! There is no one else we would rather spend a sight-seeing day with! Huge hugs and kisses!!

A very special thank you to all those who worked so hard to make this day so beautiful: