Melissa + Josh’s Memphis Courthouse Wedding Fusion Video

A lot of our clients do not hire videographers for their day. This is one reason that we really love surprising our clients with fusion videos! The fusion video is a great way to give an overall sense of a wedding day, and that little bit of movement adds so much! We’ve found that our clients love having a short preview of their day with all the important moments covered.

Such was the case with Melissa and Josh. Because Josh was being stationed in New York, he and Melissa wanted to quickly marry so that she could go with him. They decided on a courthouse wedding, and really… what’s more romantic than that?

melissa-josh-8 I am so glad that they wanted to document the official ceremony, and we were so happy to be the ones there to do it! I think every courthouse wedding should have a professional photographer present. We were able to grab some snippets of video too, and we put everything together in a fusion slideshow to show off their day. Enjoy!

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