Navy + Gold Midtown Memphis Atrium Wedding

One of the first things I tell couples when we meet with them is that Ed and I are a goofy couple, and we love to laugh. So, chances are, if you are the kind of couple that would rather watch a comedy over a drama, have no problem acting silly in public, and/or are not embarrassed by big belly laughs, then we would get along great! Mary and Stuart are exactly our kind of people! We spent all day with huge, dopey grins on our faces and the laughter came so easily and never stopped. Their wedding day was a giant reflection of the kind of people they are – bright, loving, and full of joy!

Mary and Stuart chose details that defined their own personal style perfectly. Shades of navy accented by a cheerful gold were the colors of choice. Nothing too feminine or frilly. They are a simple, tailored couple, and everything was beautiful! Mary’s dress had a delicate detail without being ostentatious. She wore a couple flowers in her hair, navy polish on her toes, and her aunt’s brooch on her bouquet, as a tribute to the family who had passed away. She made a beautiful bride, and Stuart couldn’t stop beaming at his bride when he finally saw her!

We could tell right away that Mary and Stuart’s family and friends feel the same way about them as we do! The reception was packed with well-wishers and loved ones who wanted to celebrate with them. Mary and Stuart certainly designed the perfect party, yet they never hesitated an instant to make sure everyone had what they needed. They were the perfect Southern hosts! They were surrounded all night on the dance floor, and most of the party stayed until the final exit.

Mary and Stuart, we had such a fun day with you! I wish every couple could be as calm and comfortable as you were on  your wedding day. We know only good things wait for you in Florida, but we are sad to have to say goodbye! I know you’re having a blast in St. Lucia, and I hope you enjoy re-living the wedding day when you get back! Let’s do it all over again 🙂

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0002 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0003 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_004 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_005 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0006

Mary must have known my love for turquoise and mint when she set up in this beautifully-lit room!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0007 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0008 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0009 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0010

Stuart gifted her with a full set of gorgeous pearls!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0012 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0013 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0014

Stuart’s details were perfectly tailored with just a bit of playfulness – just like him!


Mary and Stuart chose to see each other before the ceremony, and their First Look was so much fun! Stuart really knows how to make Mary laugh and bring out the sparkle in her eyes!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0019 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0020 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0021 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0022 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0023

How beautiful is this arched atrium in their church??

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0024 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0025 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0026 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0027

Nothing better for a Spring wedding than blooming dogwoods and a pop of color on a red door!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0028 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0029 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0030 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0031

You guys. You are pros!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0032 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0033 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0034 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0035 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0036 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0037 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0038 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0039 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0040 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0041 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0042 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0043 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0044 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0045 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0046 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0047 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0048 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0049 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0050 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0051 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0052 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0053 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0054 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0055



I love shooting at the Atrium – especially when there’s a little light left outside. So many beautiful windows and natural light!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0057 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0058

Mary and Stuart shared their wedding date, and a special anniversary toast, with her parents. How cool is that? These are her parents original toasting goblets from their own wedding!

navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0059 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0060 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0061 navy-gold-midtown-memphis-atrium-wedding_0062

The reception was one of the best parties we’ve seen yet! This kid never left the dance floor. I’m hiring him as entertainment for my next party!


Bubbles are one of my favorites for a send-off! They photograph so well with a little flash!


Mary and Stuart, thank you so much for sharing your hearts with us. We are so glad to have gotten to know you! I know you will serve as inspiration for other couples. Keep in touch, and maybe we’ll see you the next time we’re in Florida! Love you guys!

A very special thank you to everyone who came together to make this day so awesome!

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