Lori + Kenny | The One

I always tell my grooms that Ed has their backs. I’ll admit it. As a girl, I sometimes tend to get carried away with the bride. I mean, 90% of the wedding day is all about the bride, right? But one of the reasons I have Ed on my team is to remind me that the groom is in fact 50% of the day. You can’t have a wedding without the groom!

This is a shot that Ed captured right before the First Look. It’s my favorite for several reasons:

  • First, it’s all about the groom.
  • Second, it’s very editorial. Kenny is not looking at the camera as he instead anticipates the arrival of his bride.
  • Lastly, Ed captured this photo while Kenny was looking at me, so he didn’t even realize that Ed was taking this photo. For that reason, it captures his natural demeanor, and I love that!


Here’s what Ed has to say about this photo:

Ok, people of the internet, here it is…

This was a true Southern Wedding.  In the backyard of a beautiful home with southern charm.  So, wouldn’t you expect there to be a beautiful, southern belle and a handsome, southern gentleman there as well?  Of course you would!!!

As you saw in yesterday’s post, Lori did not disappoint in the southern belle department!  But, this post is about Kenny and “the one” shot I captured of him.

We were setting up for the first look and Kenny was more than ready to see his bride-to-be.  He was definitely anxious, and a little nervous, and this was the moment that all of that would melt away, and the day would truly begin.  We brought him to the spot we picked for the first look and explained how it would play out, told him to take a deep breath, and then took a couple of “test” shots to set our cameras.  While Amy had his attention, I was looking for this… In-between shutter clicks and adjusting camera settings, when he thought I wasn’t shooting.  This is Kenny.  That smirk.  That stare. That natural demeanor.  That southern gentleman.

Thank you again, Lori and Kenny, for the honor of capturing your day.  It was southern hospitality at its best!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 23:02h, 04 June

    I love this! He seems to be that groom in a movie that everyone wants to see, looking for his bride to be, so genteel! Lucky couple that you both have captured such precious moments for them!!