Laura + Evan | a Bridge at Chrisleigh Farm Wedding

This wedding already has such a special place in our hearts! The day was completely beautiful, from the preparation details to the huge magnolia garland curtain. But the one thing that most made the day so wonderful was the unique, AWESOME way that these two love! Laura and Evan are so in love, and you will soon see proof of that – it’s impossible to miss. They put so much of themselves into their wedding, and that is what makes it an immediate favorite! It was a day full of heart, beauty, and personality!

Laura and Evan met while he was a bartender, and it played a big part in their love story. Their wedding included lots of little nods to bartending, including TWO bars (and we made sure to get a photo of Evan serving Laura a cocktail!), marquee “bar” letters, and a complete bartending scene for the groom’s cake. Evan’s cufflinks even had little anchors on them – the symbol of the establishment where they met.

Laura has such style, and every single detail was carefully thought out and executed. Her flowers – oh, the flowers! – were stunning, and SO perfect for fall. Her preparation details were the perfect mix of old and new, and the invitation suite was stunning! Evan was completely stylish as well, though he gave all the props to Laura (she picked out his shoes, and he made sure that we got a photo of them)!

As gorgeous as every detail was, it was Laura and Evan themselves who stole the show. Laura looked radiant all day, and Evan knew how lucky he was to be marrying her. He tried to convince us all that he was not a cryer, though all evidence pointed to the contrary. From the moment he first saw her, to the end of the vows, tears spilled down his face and into his beard. He literally wept at the sight of his bride. All day.

And we all love him for it!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0001 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0002 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0003

Laura had the most unique, matching “mrs.” and “mr.” hangers. I LOVED them!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0004 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0005 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0006 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0007

This was one wedding where tattoos were encouraged to face the camera! Laura and Evan have quite the collection, as did their wedding party.

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0008 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0009

Laura, you made the most gorgeous bride!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0010 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0011

LOVED Evan’s accessories!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0012 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0013

Laura and Evan chose to see each other before the ceremony, and their First Look was the sweetest one we’ve seen. I think Evan started crying before he even turned around! I may have shed a tear or two myself. Later, Evan confessed that he was so glad he didn’t have to do this in front of everyone (though the tears continued to fall during the ceremony, as you will soon see).


A covered bridge is perfect for wedding photos!


Seriously, though, those flowers. Ashley McCormick outdid herself with this one!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0016 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0017

I loved every single one of these ladies. And aren’t they gorgeous?


Okay, flowers again. I couldn’t stop!


These guys were amazing! They kept the party going all day long! Evan has known most of them since he was 3 years old, and they’ve all managed to stay close their whole lives. Friends like that are rare, and he has a whole wedding party of them!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0020 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0021 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0022 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0023

Laura. I have no words.

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0024 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0025

This flower girl was so super cute! Laura had this custom headband made for her.


Ah, if I could have a ceremony site like this every time, I’d be okay with that!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0027 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0028 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0029

Ed gets an award for this shot. I squealed out loud when I saw it.


Here come the tears!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0031 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0032

Evan, don’t kill me! It was the sweetest thing ever!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0033 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0034



Cocktail hour was set up beautifully with hay bale seating, cozy blankets, and an amazing magnolia garland curtain.

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0036 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0037

Meanwhile, we roamed the property for some beautiful bridal portraits.

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0038 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0039

Their getaway car for the end of the evening just happened to match the wedding style perfectly!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0040 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0041 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0042 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0043

It couldn’t have been a more beautiful Fall day for a wedding.


Before cocktail hour was over, we made sure to get a shot of Evan “serving” a drink to Laura. You’ve come full circle, guys!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0045 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0046 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0047

The party has officially begun!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0048 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0049

Laura’s dad gave an amazing toast, complete with music trivia and words of wisdom.

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0050 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0051 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0052

Even the cake cutting was fun!


Yes, Evan is dancing while he takes an iPhone photo of his “bear”tender cake. He was proud!

bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0054 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0055 bridge-at-chrisleigh-farm-wedding_0056

Laura and Evan, I can’t tell you how thrilled we are to have spent this day with you! We felt like we were among friends and family the whole day, and everything was pure perfection. Enjoy the honeymoon, and we can’t wait to relive it all when you come back!

A very special thank you to everyone who worked so hard to make this day beyond awesome:


  • Laura Mitchell
    Posted at 09:03h, 05 November

    I am so obsessed with these photos and can’t wait to see more! Amy and Ed, we are so happy to know you and work with you!!!! Love y’all!

    • Amy
      Posted at 11:02h, 05 November

      We love you more!!! 😉

  • Julianna Marcus
    Posted at 09:04h, 05 November

    These pictures perfectly captured Evan and Laura’s wonderful day. I know how much time and effort was spent in the details from creating the magnolia leaf backdrop at the cocktail hour to even tiny things like Evan’s cuff links. Thank you for showing us just how truly special this wedding was!

  • Laura Hill
    Posted at 09:09h, 05 November

    The wedding was fun and beautiful and these pictures capture that perfectly!

  • Ashli
    Posted at 10:38h, 05 November

    What an incredible night to remember forever!

  • Kristin LeVally
    Posted at 11:35h, 05 November

    I will never forget standing in line for beverages at the wedding, and my mouth dropping open at the slideshow of preview photos y’all had on display. The BEST wedding photos I’ve ever seen. Every photo invites the viewer in the the real moment, as if we were there watching it live. I was so blown away!

    • Amy
      Posted at 13:41h, 06 November

      Thank you so much, Kristin! That really means a lot to us! 🙂 I’m so glad you enjoyed the slideshow!

  • Ric
    Posted at 16:26h, 05 November

    They make me cry they are so beautiful.

  • Ashley
    Posted at 12:24h, 07 November

    Absolutely gorgeous photos! Y’all perfectly captured the spirit and love between my two best friends.