Keith | a Memphis Bridal Session

We love it when our brides choose to have a bridal session! It’s a photo session just for them, and a chance to get all dressed up and wear that wedding gown again. It’s also a great way to test drive the hair and makeup styles you are planning for your wedding day. Wedding days fly by so fast, that we often don’t have time for all the creative photos that we would like, and the bridal session is a great way around that!

Now that Keith and Joe are happily married, I can post photos from Keith’s Memphis bridal session! I loved this one particularly¬†because it was a special request from Keith’s dad. There’s such a special relationship between a father and his daughter (I would know!). Even though he refused to see her in her gown before the wedding (make sure you see the sweet photos from their daddy-daughter first look!), he wanted to make sure we had a beautiful portrait that would be ready to go into the paper the day after the wedding. The bridal session was the only way to go!

Keith is so gorgeous, I was more than happy to get my camera on her before the big day!



My favorite!!







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