Jordanna + Justin | an Esplanade Memphis Wedding

Jordanna and Justin had a very emotional wedding, and that’s what made it such a perfect day! Their friends and family came to watch them declare their love for each other, and to celebrate with them afterwards. Jordanna’s father passed away last year, so she had her two brothers walk her down the isle instead. She carried her dad’s portrait on her flowers, so he was close to her all day. Later, at the reception, instead of a father-daughter dance, she did a very tender brothers-sister dance. There wasn’t a dry eye in the building (just wait until you see the photos)! And that’s what wedding are all about – celebrating the ones you love, even if they can’t be there.

Like any wedding day, there were a few unexpected hiccups before the vows, but Jordanna and Justin had such an AWESOME wedding party that handled everything like pros! They kept spirits up and the fun going, so that the bride and the groom could focus on what was most important – getting married! Jordanna’s girls pampered her and let her be the most gorgeous woman in the room, all while making her laugh. The guys made sure everything was handled so that Justin didn’t have to. They all worked together to ensure the day was pure perfection… and it was!

Even though there was a good chance of rain all day, we never felt a drop! The rain held off, and the overcast skies gave us more options for portraits than full sun would have. We were able to get lots of beautiful portraits, both before and after the ceremony. Esplanade Memphis has a beautiful courtyard that was perfect for wedding photos! The light loves these two! And so do I.


I always know it’s going to be a good day when there’s a Maggie Louise dress!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0002 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0003

I love an engraved ring! If you remember these two from their engagement session, “meant to be” is definitely their phrase!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0004 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0005 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0006

The girls were thrilled to see Jordanna in her dress!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0007 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0008

I love this shot!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0009 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0010 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0012 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0013


Jordanna and Justin chose to see each other before the ceremony, and I’m so glad that they did! Justin’s reaction is priceless, and it was definitely one of my favorite parts of the day!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0016 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0017 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0018 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0019

I love this one!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0020 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0021 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0022 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0023 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0024 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0025

Jordanna just glowed on her wedding day! She is such a beautiful bride!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0026 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0027

These girls were all my new best friends by the end of the day. Loved them all!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0028 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0029 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0030

The guys were all awesome too! And they are all so good at the “suave” look!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0031 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0032 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0033

The ceremony was beautiful in black, white, and just a little touch of red.

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0034 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0035 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0036



We took just a few minutes for some just-married portraits after the ceremony.

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0038 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0039

Ahhh! These two!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0040 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0041 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0042

The First Dance…

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0043 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0044

Jordanna took turns dancing with both her brothers, and it was obvious that they all missed their dad. It was such a sweet, heart-wrenching moment.

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0045 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0046 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0047

The mother-son dance followed, and it was full of love too.


After the cake cutting, the party really got started!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0049 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0050

I don’t even know what’s happening here, but I love it!

esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0051 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0052 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0053 esplanade-memphis-wedding-sneak_0055

Jordanna and Justin, we were so honored to share the day with you! It was so beautiful, and we feel lucky to have been there! By now, Jordanna, you know that Justin is taking you to Turks & Caicos for the honeymoon, and I know you’re having a great time! I can’t wait to hear all about it!

A very special thank you to everyone who made this day so beautiful:


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