cybil + dave: joined. a memphis lichterman nature center wedding.

She has such a big, environment-friendly heart. A heart so big, in fact, that she has to share it with nearly every living thing. Cybil especially adores the sea turtles that she studies and cares for, but she loves all animals. But she still had room enough in her heart for more. And she saved that for Dave.

He not only cares about her, but also cares about the things she cares about. So, on that fateful day, during a very important track meet at Rhodes College, among their coach and teammates, Dave presented Cybil with an eco-friendly engagement ring and asked her to spend the rest of her life with him. And Cybil’s heart was finally full as she said yes.

It is only natural that they would choose to wed at the Lichterman Nature Center, surrounded by all the things that they love, and most importantly, their friends and family. It was a beautiful summer day filled with flowers, love, and of course, lots of turtles!

Cybil’s beautiful gown suited her perfectly, and her blue Toms helped her handle the trails of the nature center better than heels!

Dave made sure to take the trouble of finding the perfect eco-friendly ring for his bride.

Both Cybil and Dave chose an amazing wedding party! The girls were so helpful and relaxed throughout the day, especially when it came time to transform Cybil into a beautiful bride.

And Dave made a pretty good-looking groom. Both these photos are Ed’s.

Cybil and Dave chose to see each other before the ceremony, and this is why I love it when a couple chooses to do this! Dave was obviously thrilled to see his bride for the first time, and this private intimate moment allowed him to express it to the fullest extent!

The trails provided some amazing photo opportunities. While I had this view…

Ed captured it from this angle.

Cybil. Rawr. Wow, you are so beautiful!

Dave, you’re not so bad yourself. Such a handsome groom!

Cybil couldn’t wait to see Dave on her wedding day. Not only because they were getting married, but because she had been eager to share with him a story of an injured animal on the side of the road that she wished she could have helped. She knew Dave would understand and sympathize with her. And he did.

LOVE this shot. Happy girls.

All the girls looked amazing. A Garden Secret did a fantastic job with the florals!

The guys were working it too.

Club Windward handled all the decorating, and there were tons of amazing details set up for the ceremony.

How adorable is this shot of the ring bearer that Ed caught during the procession?

Dave was all smiles when he saw Cybil walking toward him.

One of my favorite things that I overheard Cybil say during the day was that she didn’t care what happened or didn’t happen. As long as she and Dave were married at the end of the day, then all was perfect.


Bubbles and a kiss. Sigh.

We took a few more minutes after the ceremony to get photos on Lichterman’s beautiful bridge.

A panoramic image that I stitched together from two photos. I love this shot!

The reception was decked out with lots of color, sentiments…

And turtles! Cybil made the cake topper herself.

A shot from the First Dance…

And one from the last. I like this one more!

Ed captured the mood of the night perfectly.

Cybil and Dave, we can’t be more honored to have shared this day with you! You both have such full, beautiful hearts and it makes mine swell to know that two such people have found each other. I know you had to put off the honeymoon, but I hope you’re enjoying each and every minute of your new life together!

CLICK HERE to see more from Cybil’s and Dave’s nature-inspired wedding day. Here’s to full hearts. And the environment. And turtles. Cheers!

  • Valerie Valant
    Posted at 18:04h, 08 August

    Cybil (& Dave!), your pictures are BEAUTIFUL! I am so happy that I got to share your day with you and dance the night away! Love and miss you lots! xoxoxo, Val

  • Brittany Miller
    Posted at 18:19h, 08 August

    I LOVE the first look photo- Dave looks like SUCH an excited groom! Its adorable. Cybil, you are gorgeous! 🙂 Love the photos.

  • Leigh Moynihan
    Posted at 18:29h, 08 August

    These photos are beyond phenomenal! You expertly captured Dave and Cybil’s personalities so well, to the point that it makes me miss Cybil even more than I already did! If only I had hired you as my wedding photographer back in 2010! Congrats Dave and Cybil – I wish I could have been there celebrating your amazing relationship instead of at a librarian conference : p

  • Kate Scherer
    Posted at 18:38h, 08 August

    I love the pictures!!! Cybil and Dave you both look so excited and happy in all these photos! I Cybil- you were such a beautiful and stunning bride! Great pictures!

  • Anna Petterson
    Posted at 19:13h, 08 August

    I am so happy I got to be there to enjoy the day (whole weekend) and even happier now that I get to see such STUNNING photos of the entire evening and the behind-the-scenes moments that make everything so much more special! Everything and everyone looked so beautiful and blissful, I can’t imagine anything better!!

  • Isobel Flake
    Posted at 19:57h, 08 August

    Cybil, these pictures are absolutely beautiful! I’m so happy I finally got to meet Dave, your family, and friends. Congratulations again! Miss you as always.

  • Taylor Stephens
    Posted at 21:39h, 08 August

    absolutely stunning! Cybil you are gorgeous! Congrats girl and Dave! I am so happy for you two. The wedding was so beautiful!

  • Megan Whitehurst
    Posted at 22:49h, 08 August

    These pictures perfectly capture Cybil and Dave’s wedding! Great job! Cybil, you are so beautiful!! Dave, you look pretty good too 🙂 Congrats to both of you!

  • Noel Whitehurst
    Posted at 22:53h, 08 August

    Great pictures! Thanks for the good time!

  • judy nicotera
    Posted at 22:58h, 08 August

    Such a beautiful wedding captured so wonderfully in these photos.

  • Aunt Alice
    Posted at 23:16h, 08 August

    These are beautiful pictures and you are a beautiful couple. Congratulations! We had the best time at the wedding! Love you both tons & tons !

  • maria
    Posted at 23:26h, 08 August

    fantastic!!!!!! Love You Guys.

  • Madeline Fallier
    Posted at 23:28h, 08 August

    What beautiful pictures!!! They are perfect for such an amazing couple!! Congrats again!!

  • Uncle Marty
    Posted at 23:37h, 08 August

    These photos capture the beauty and atmosphere of that wonderful celebration perfectly. Congratulations again Dave and Cybil – you’ll cherish these photos for a lifetime!

  • Sammy Holt
    Posted at 05:14h, 09 August

    You look amazing Cybil! Beautiful pictures xx

  • Marianne Kirk
    Posted at 09:44h, 09 August

    Love these pictures, such a perfect wedding!!

  • Michael
    Posted at 17:02h, 09 August

    Great photos. We had a great time!

  • Carrie Strini
    Posted at 18:12h, 09 August

    Cybil and Dave! You guys are beautiful couple. Wish I could have been there! Congrats again. These pics are amazing.

  • Carol Covic
    Posted at 18:31h, 09 August

    Amy and Ed,
    The pictures are beautiful and you were a joy to work with!

  • Aunt Christine
    Posted at 18:33h, 09 August

    you both are amazing your pictures are wonderful cant wait to see the albulms!!!

    love to you both

  • Liz Zimmer
    Posted at 20:58h, 09 August

    Cybil, you looked absolutely gorgeous!! I wish you and Dave all the best, and that little Tank of yours!!! The greens and hawksbills are in full swing here on Sandy Point, and we all miss you like crazy!!

  • Carly
    Posted at 21:50h, 09 August

    These are absolutely amazing! They make me want to do it all over again 🙂 the girls are just dazzled. Miss you and congrats!

  • Elizabeth Saba
    Posted at 08:17h, 10 August

    Beautiful photos, magical night! Wishing you two a lifetime of love and happiness!

  • Lauren Smith
    Posted at 09:52h, 10 August

    Cybil and Dave these photos are wonderful! I wish I was there, the wedding looked beautiful! I am so happy for you!

  • Cameron
    Posted at 12:17h, 10 August

    Amy and Ed, you did such a _wonderful_ job capturing the big day: not only the beautiful external details, but the mood and feeling of the day as well.

  • Caitlin
    Posted at 18:57h, 10 August

    I’m sooo sad I couldn’t be there but you look BEAUTIFUL!!!! Miss you girl!