Brittany + Walker | a Memphis Zoo Wedding

Ahhhh….. Fall! My favorite season for weddings! After this stunning wedding this weekend, I remember why I love fall weddings so much! The weather is beautiful, the trees are colorful, and the light is magical! We kicked off Fall wedding season with Brittany and Walker’s wedding at the Memphis Zoo, and it was the perfect way to start the season!

My favorite thing about Brittany and Walker’s wedding was that it was so perfectly them. They incorporated the rustic elements that they love while still being classy and elegant. Like any good Southern gal, Brittany wore her favorite cowboy boots, and there were hints of wood in the invitations, the wedding cake, and of course, the reception lodge.

Brittany and Walker are selfless and designed their day around everyone else. They love to entertain, so they just wanted a celebration where their friends and family could enjoy themselves. Toward the end of the evening, Ed and I walked outside with them for a few last photos, and Walker asked us if we thought everyone was having a good time. That was his biggest concern. Even though it was their wedding day, their thoughts were on their guests first.

It was for that reason that the day was such a success. And yes, everyone had a GREAT time!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0001 memphis-zoo-wedding_0002 memphis-zoo-wedding_0003 memphis-zoo-wedding_0004 memphis-zoo-wedding_0005 memphis-zoo-wedding_0006

Brittany and her girls got ready at the Big Cypress Lodge, and it couldn’t have been more perfect for their wedding style!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0007 memphis-zoo-wedding_0008 memphis-zoo-wedding_0009

We made sure to get a couple group photos at the lookout, with views of the river and city below.


Meanwhile, Walker was patiently waiting for his bride and entertaining his groomsmen.


Brittany and Walker chose to see each other before the ceremony, and I’m so glad that they did! Not only did they get to spend some precious time alone, but we were able to roam around and get plenty of portraits. Since their ceremony took place after dark, this was the only way we could get some beautiful photos during the daylight!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0013 memphis-zoo-wedding_0014 memphis-zoo-wedding_0015 memphis-zoo-wedding_0016 memphis-zoo-wedding_0017 memphis-zoo-wedding_0018 memphis-zoo-wedding_0019 memphis-zoo-wedding_0020

The ladies were all so much fun and I loved those red dresses! This is so fall!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0021 memphis-zoo-wedding_0022

This shot was harder than it looks! This group was so much fun, and the life of the party! So getting one shot when someone wasn’t laughing was difficult. But they came through!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0023 memphis-zoo-wedding_0024 memphis-zoo-wedding_0025

Brittany and Walker got married on a bridge overlooking the lodge right after the sun went down. It presented some photography challenges for sure, but it set the mood that Brittany and Walker wanted! I love this shot Ed took while the bride was making her way up the isle.



memphis-zoo-wedding_0027 memphis-zoo-wedding_0028

This may have been our first wedding where the wedding cake wasn’t white. I loved it! Break the rules, I say!

memphis-zoo-wedding_0029 memphis-zoo-wedding_0030

This. This right here. This is why I love these two so much! If they are together, they are laughing. Even during the First Dance.

memphis-zoo-wedding_0031 memphis-zoo-wedding_0032 memphis-zoo-wedding_0033

We took a short break outside to cool off and to grab a few photos by the fountains.

memphis-zoo-wedding_0034 memphis-zoo-wedding_0035 memphis-zoo-wedding_0036

Brittany and Walker, thank you so much for being so awesome! You guys know how to make sure everyone had a great time, including Ed and I! We had a blast, and we’re so glad we got to share in your beautiful, perfect day! Enjoy Jamaica!

To see more images, be sure to check out the same day slideshow from this wedding that we posted on our Facebook page.

A very special thank you to everyone who came together to make this day so special:


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