Best of Weddings 2015

It’s a big day on the blog today! We’re sharing all our favorite 2015 wedding images! Be warned, though, this is a looooong post! There are nearly 100 photos that we’ve chosen as best of the best. Read on to see a whole year of images all wrapped up nice and pretty!

Before we get to the photos, though, we’d like to say a few words. First, we want to shout out one heck of a THANK YOU to all our AHP brides (and grooms)! We couldn’t do what we love without our beautiful couples. We won’t ever be able to find the words to say what it means that all of you have trusted us with your most precious memories! More than that (as if that isn’t enough!), we have gained SO many priceless new friendships! As you all know, you are more than just clients to us. We love each and every one of you, and you have made this year so special! We are beyond lucky.

Not only did we get to photograph some beautiful, amazing couples, but we also got to work with lots of other incredible creative professionals as well! There is so much that goes into the making of a wedding, and we couldn’t do our job without the artistry of these often behind-the-scenes experts. We especially want to thank Andria Lewis Designs, Bella Baxter Events, 117 Events, Southern Event Planners, Mona Dunlap, and One Fine Day Events. These ladies went above and beyond for our couples, made everything drop-dead gorgeous, and our job was so much easier because of them!

2015 got us acquainted with some venues that we had not visited before, as well as allowing us to return to some of our favorites! We especially loved shooting at The Mill at Plein Air in Oxford, Opera Memphis, The Columns, Annesdale Mansion, The Bridge at ChrisLeigh Farm, the University Club, and the Pink Palace. And we can’t forget that time we shot a wedding on a yacht in Miami! Definitely a highlight of our year.

Some Other Highlights of 2015:

  • We had 13 amazing First Looks!
  • Probably the most tears we’ve ever had in one year (most of them happy)!
  • It was the year of the blue suit and long veils (both of which we LOVE)!
  • Lace, sparkle, and bold flowers were definitely a trend!
  • The groomsmen were all rocking the photos! Some our favorite guy shots this year!
  • And, of course, the most beautiful brides EVER!

I’m almost sad that 2015 is over. We can only hope that 2016 will bring us as much joy, beauty, and love as we were able to enjoy and document in 2015 (and from what we’re seeing so far, it will!). We are so excited to get started and see what the new year holds. Here’s to looking forward with a full heart and great expectations!

Yay for marriage!


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