These two are getting married on Saturday. Like, in two days. Like, in "get your act together and do the blog post already, Amy!" We are SO excited to witness the beginning of their new journey, and if it's anything like their Memphis engagement session, we know the wedding is going to be fabulous!! In the meantime, we are so excited to share their engagement session!

Kelli and Josh met at work. He's a pilot, and she worked at the same airline, so they would ocassionally bump into each other. Sometimes working in the same place puts a strain on a relationship, but that was never a problem for Kelli and Josh! They knew early on that if they could work together day in and day out, their relationship had promise!

They met in college, and it was almost love at first sight. Bobby knew they were being set up by mutual friends, and that the first few dates were a test, but Ellen had no clue. She was simply her charming, adorable self. But even having no prior knowledge, Ellen passed all the tests with flying colors. It didn't take long for Bobby to know that she was the one he wanted to spend forever with.

I love Fall weddings! The weather is cooler, the light is lower and warmer, the colors are vibrant, and nature is splendidly beautiful that time of year! There is no better time in the South for photographers! Deanna and Michael were married under a large tree next to a shimmering lake in early November. Their day could not have been more perfect... for them. They included a little bit of who they are in every part of their day. They chose an outdoor park ceremony at Shelby Farms because they love to be surrounded by nature.

{by Ed}   People fall in love with photos for all kinds of different reasons: light mood feeling subject matter background location technique The list can go on and on.  The photos I take typically take aim for emotion, feeling, candidness (if that's a word), and the subject just being natural. Amy picked this photo...