I love photos. That might seem overly obvious, since I am a photographer and all, but what I mean is that I love not only photography, but actual photos. Physical, printed ones. I could sit and look through photo albums all day. A photo captures a moment. It keeps your kids young forever, when all you want is to stop them from growing. It tells the story of all those minutes and hours that seemed so ordinary at the time, but later prove priceless. It stops time. For those reasons (and many, many more), I make documenting our memories a priority. Or, at least, I try to.

For girls, turning 16 is a big deal. We've given each of our girls one big birthday party - on their sweet 16th birthday. It's the only one where we really go big. At least for our standards. Jessie is the last of our girls to turn 16, and all she asked for was a flower crown and a photoshoot. A girl after my own heart! We were more than happy to give in!

Today, you are 22 years young. Every year, your ball of talent, energy, and heart grows into something even more beautiful than the year before. I love your mix of maturity and girlish giggles. You are vintage and alternative at the same time, and only you could pull that off. You have real fears of the grown-up world, but at the same time are completely unafraid to jump headfirst into it.

Having four kids, a home, and owning a small business really means I have THREE full-time jobs. Our calendar is so jam-packed and we have kids going everywhere, all the time. We barely have time to do grocery shopping, much less clean the house, cook, or organize anything around here. Something is always broken. Something is always left undone. Something is always a mess. Also, I suck at domesticity.

I love albums! I know I've mentioned the importance of printing your photos, and I think albums follow right along with that. I will usually make a photo album before I will order a canvas for the wall. In fact, I made an album of our Spring Break Mountain trip as soon as we got home, and I'm in the process of making one for our Summer Beach Trip. An album is the perfect way to collect and display several photos at once.

Perhaps more than any other vendor on your wedding day, it's imperative that you get along well with the person who will be taking your photos! Your photographer will be with you more than any other non-family person throughout the day, so you don't want someone you don't like to put a damper on the festivities. Make sure you meet with your photographer beforehand, and that you develop a rapport with them. This will help you be more comfortable and relaxed on your wedding day, and being comfortable means better photos!

{by Ed}   We hold some of the most precious moments of someone's most special day in our possession.  No pressure or anything, right!  Well, we take this privilege very seriously and make absolutely sure that if any catastrophe were to happen, we've got things covered. Amy just...