We want every engagement session (and wedding!) we do to be as unique as possible. To do that, we always tailor our sessions around our couples, including things like their favorite colors, their favorite places to go, and their favorite activities to do together. Basically, the things that make up their LIFE together. In this case, Robyn and Nick currently live in Nashville, so their life is there. Nashville is an easy drive for us, so it was a no-brainer that we would go to them for this session. We have been looking forward to this engagement session ever since we first met with Robyn and Nick, and it was everything we dreamed, and more!

The first week of our vacation is a bit of a blur! We spent 6 full days in Nashville for our kids' national dance finals competition. Our time there flew by, and yet, at the same time, it seems as though it was a full month ago. That "time flies when you're having fun" thing? It's totally true.

Ed and I love to travel. One of our yearly goals is to try and get to as many different places as we can. I prefer at least one trip a month, and this year, we're doing pretty good. I know. It's only March, but we have trips planned for every month through July, except May. And there's still plenty of time for that. 19th Anniversary trip, maybe?

You would think that spending a whole day taking photos would get old fast. Not for me - I could take photos all day every day - but for Karen and Derek. I was worried that they would get burned out before we got to the best light of the day. But I needn't have worried! Our carefree and editorial approach to most of the day meant that they were really just spending their weekend how they normally would, and we were simply watching and documenting. We got awesome photos and they were natural and enjoyed the process. Win win!

Karen and Derek knew they were destined for each other when their first date lasted 9 hours. They started off as so many get-to-know-you encounters do: at a local Starbucks. The conversation was going so well that they decided to upgrade their location to a nearby vineyard. They enjoyed wine, tours, and enough personal anecdotes that at the end of the day, they had spent close to 9 hours together.

Today (or yesterday, by the time anyone reads this) is the first day of Fall, and I'm celebrating by sitting outside on my patio with my laptop, writing this post. It's such a gorgeous day that I decided to move my office outside for the day! As much as I hate that summer really has come to an end, I do have to grudgingly admit that I love Fall! The weather in the South is beautiful, the hummingbirds are visiting this time of year, and the grasses are flowering. Yeah, okay. It's nice.

I absolutely love shooting engagement sessions! It's a couple hours each time that I get to really flex my creativity, try new things, and do my best to get a glimpse into someone else's life. But the best thing about them is that Ed and I get to know our clients better. It's time for us to learn their story and see how they love. We've made so many new friends over the past year, and I know I'm one of the few lucky ones who gets to say that I truly love what I do!