I love this time of year. Ed and I have so much to be thankful for, but sometimes we get so busy that we forget to stop and enjoy it. I love a day that makes you do just that. With the people we love. And wait, there's food involved? I'm all in.

Having four kids, a home, and owning a small business really means I have THREE full-time jobs. Our calendar is so jam-packed and we have kids going everywhere, all the time. We barely have time to do grocery shopping, much less clean the house, cook, or organize anything around here. Something is always broken. Something is always left undone. Something is always a mess. Also, I suck at domesticity.

It's that time of year again! You'd think that as a wedding photographer, and a proponent of all love in general, I would love Valentine's Day. Not exactly true. I've written about my thoughts on Valentine's Day before, so let's just say I don't hate it. But it's not my favorite day either. But you know what makes Valentine's Day super awesome? Having an excuse to take photos of my kids! Okay, let's face it - I don't need an excuse for that, but they don't need to know that!

Kristin and Tyree have known each other for years. The only problem was that while he was here in Memphis, she lived in Minnesota. They would chat online and talk on the phone frequently, but when the time came that they knew they wanted to date, the distance became wider. So, for their first official date, they decided to meet halfway in St. Louis.

Christmas is a big deal in our house. Yes, we have 4 kids, and I wish I could blame it on them, but the simple truth is that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's the only good thing about a cold winter. So we go all out. And by all out, I mean that every room is decorated, and it takes us weeks to get all our trees up. This year, we have 8. And we decided to leave one in the box! No shame!

I'm afraid I'm going to have to admit jumping on the Fall bandwagon. Fall isn't too bad. For the non-swimming seasons, it's definitely my favorite. At least the colors are warm, even if the temperatures aren't. My home (it's more than just a house!) definitely...