I had been waiting to meet this girl for months! Catherine doesn't currently live in Memphis, so we had our initial meeting over the phone. Even though we couldn't see each other, we just clicked! You know how phone calls can be difficult when you can't see body language? We didn't have that problem. We bonded over succulents, love, and Southern charm, and I just couldn't wait to meet her face to face! We finally got our chance when she and Trent were in Memphis for the holidays. We scheduled their winter engagement session while they were here, and we lucked out with a sunny day!

Kristin and Tyree have known each other for years. The only problem was that while he was here in Memphis, she lived in Minnesota. They would chat online and talk on the phone frequently, but when the time came that they knew they wanted to date, the distance became wider. So, for their first official date, they decided to meet halfway in St. Louis.

Christmas is a big deal in our house. Yes, we have 4 kids, and I wish I could blame it on them, but the simple truth is that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It's the only good thing about a cold winter. So we go all out. And by all out, I mean that every room is decorated, and it takes us weeks to get all our trees up. This year, we have 8. And we decided to leave one in the box! No shame!

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we made history. Or rather, we recorded it. And by we, I mean my mother. And by recorded it, I mean she walked around the house with a video camera stuck in her hand, while some of us cooked, some of...