LA was a lot greener than I thought it would be. I expected concrete. And smog. And while there were plenty of both, there were also trees. The palm trees stuck up everywhere, like little dots against the sky. Flowers grew randomly on the side of the freeways. And yards were covered in vines and bougainvillea.

When I first found out that Jessie and I would be going to LA, my first thought was, "finally! I'll be able to take pictures in that gorgeous California light!" Ah, the mindset of a photographer. Jessie's dance studio was invited to take part in a week long convention in Los Angeles. It was a huge opportunity for her, and we knew right away that we wanted her to go, and that I would be going along. Heck, if I had to play the part of chaperone to get to California, I was willing to do it! Oh, the sacrifices.