Of all the different kinds of weddings we shoot, the ones at private residences are always a favorite! It's one sure way to have a wedding like no one else's. Marisa and Paul are a couple like no one else, and they would have had a unique wedding no matter where it took place, but their venue choice only added to their originality! They celebrated their love at Paul's grandfather's gorgeous farm in Mississippi. It was the perfect place for their union, and offered them the opportunity to really showcase who they are as a couple. We absolutely love them both, and unsurprisingly, we loved every detail of their wedding. We are so thrilled to share it with you today!

Friends, you have never seen a sunset until you have seen it in the California hills! There is something extra special about the light in California, especially when you watch the last of the day's rays sink below the trails in the distance and reflect itself on the brilliant water below. Fair warning: this is a long post! I have soooo many photos to share today from our time in Sacramento!

During our stay in LA, we quickly became pro bus-riders. Seriously. Dance Excellence took care of everything. We were bussed everywhere on large, comfortable charter busses. Our studio had an assigned bus (yay for #7!) that we shared with a lovely dance group from Montana. To make sure no one was ever left behind, we were required to count off before the bus drove off.

LA was a lot greener than I thought it would be. I expected concrete. And smog. And while there were plenty of both, there were also trees. The palm trees stuck up everywhere, like little dots against the sky. Flowers grew randomly on the side of the freeways. And yards were covered in vines and bougainvillea.

When I first found out that Jessie and I would be going to LA, my first thought was, "finally! I'll be able to take pictures in that gorgeous California light!" Ah, the mindset of a photographer. Jessie's dance studio was invited to take part in a week long convention in Los Angeles. It was a huge opportunity for her, and we knew right away that we wanted her to go, and that I would be going along. Heck, if I had to play the part of chaperone to get to California, I was willing to do it! Oh, the sacrifices.

I'm so excited I can't stand it. Tomorrow, we shoot our first wedding of the year, then early Sunday morning, I'm off to LA! Jessie and some of the lovely ladies of her dance studio have been invited to participate in the Dance Excellence workshops in Los Angeles. We've been planning for this trip for months, and it's finally time to start packing! They will have an entire week of dancing, meeting new friends (some from other countries), and building their future carriers. I will be tagging along as a chaperone, and I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with her!