One of the best things I ever learned while becoming a photographer, and to this day, one of my favorite lines to recite, is that the best camera you could ever have is the one you have with you. Such great advice for any photographer! Hell, great advice for anyone. Also, it could not have been more true for our latest trip to New Orleans, especially since we forgot to pack our cameras.

Ed and I love downtown Memphis. It has a little bit of everything... great restaurants (I'm always thinking about food!), fabulous city and river views, fun nightlife, and everything from gardens and fountains to grungy alleys and abandoned warehouses. There's always something interesting downtown, especially for a photographer who never goes anywhere without her camera!

When I first found out that Jessie and I would be going to LA, my first thought was, "finally! I'll be able to take pictures in that gorgeous California light!" Ah, the mindset of a photographer. Jessie's dance studio was invited to take part in a week long convention in Los Angeles. It was a huge opportunity for her, and we knew right away that we wanted her to go, and that I would be going along. Heck, if I had to play the part of chaperone to get to California, I was willing to do it! Oh, the sacrifices.

I'm so excited I can't stand it. Tomorrow, we shoot our first wedding of the year, then early Sunday morning, I'm off to LA! Jessie and some of the lovely ladies of her dance studio have been invited to participate in the Dance Excellence workshops in Los Angeles. We've been planning for this trip for months, and it's finally time to start packing! They will have an entire week of dancing, meeting new friends (some from other countries), and building their future carriers. I will be tagging along as a chaperone, and I'm really looking forward to sharing this experience with her!

If you know me, you know how much I love sand and waves. It is my dream to one day live close enough to the ocean that I can hear the seagulls and the waves through my open windows, while the sea breeze fills my home...