vegas has no windows.

It’s a cold, rainy, icky day today. We even had some hail earlier. We get back from a warm, sunny week in Vegas, and it rains. Really? It almost makes me want to go back to Vegas. Almost.

Vegas was fun, but it was… strange. It’s huge. And loud. And, well, kind of fake. Nothing was real. But I suppose that’s the point. Ed and I are so very glad we went, but also glad that it was a work trip. We’re not entirely sure we would go there on purpose.

My biggest complaint about Vegas? Vegas has no windows! It’s true. I don’t think they want you to know what time of day it is. We had a teeny window in our room that had a fabulous view of the roof and the airport. When I travel, I want to see things. But that’s a challenge in Vegas. It took us 3 days to find our way outside and onto the Strip. And when you do get out, the sidewalks just divert you right back inside again. It’s a conspiracy. I’m convinced!

On our third day in Vegas, we finally made our way out of the hotel for dinner. Windows were a requirement. I finally got to see some of the lights, the fountains from the Bellagio, and the other towering casinos and hotels. The Bellagio fountains were my hands-down favorite part of Vegas that we were able to get to. And free. Just sayin’.

Vegas At Night

We had an awesome dinner, a fabulous view, and got to walk some of the Strip hand in hand. Outside. It was a good night.

Here’s to windows. And the effort that it sometimes takes to find one. And free entertainment. Cheers!

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