vegas, baby!

At least once an hour, Ed will turn to me and just say, “Vegas, baby!” We’re not really sure where that came from (an old episode of Friends, maybe?), but worse, we’re not sure why it’s funny. Every. Time.

Our first trip to Vegas has been fantastic so far! Other than our hotel having no windows (which seems to be a Vegas thing, but that’s a story for another day), we’ve been having a blast. We’ve seen lots of inspiring work, soaked in lots of good information, and most of all, met some really amazing people. We’re only on Day 3, and I call it a success.

We’re skipping the parties tonight for a date night, somewhere out there. You’d be surprised at how difficult they make it to actually leave the MGM Grand. But I’m determined to see some Vegas sights. I ain’t scared.

This is the (somewhat limited) view from the very small window in our room, but at least we can see the mountains. We’re planning a day with some new friends to venture out into the desert for more scenic shots. I can’t wait for that!

WPPI 2013 in Vegas

My favorite view:

WPPI 2013 in Vegas

And yes, I let him take some photos of me too.

WPPI 2013 in Vegas

But just for a minute.

WPPI 2013 in Vegas

We’ve seen more of the Conference Center than anything else, so this shot of the ceiling acoustics is appropriate.

WPPI 2013 in Vegas

Stay tuned for more updates! And follow me on Instagram (amy_hutchinson) for more scenic photos. It’s easier to carry my iPhone than my Canon.

Here’s to Vegas, baby! And windows. And new friends. Cheers!

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