through my iphone: little missouri falls.

I often say that the best camera is the one you have with you. I didn’t create that phrase, but I wish I had. Because it’s true. Even for professional photographers. During our recent riding trip to the mountains, the weather was completely unpredictable. It rained for a lot of the time we were on the trails, and it was foggy and misty when it wasn’t raining. So I was forced to leave my “real” camera in the cabin. I probably would have done so even if the weather was clear and sunny, just because of all the jostling! But thanks to my Lifeproof iPhone case, I wasn’t afraid of getting my phone wet and/or muddy.

So I took tons of photos (and video!) anyway. With my iPhone. And I enjoyed the challenge and the editing afterwards. Here’s a small selection from the beautiful Little Missouri Falls that we managed to find after some wrong turns.

Little Missouri Falls

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What’s your favorite iPhone photo? I’d love to see! Please share. Cheers!

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