the end of the school year – and so summer begins.

Okay. So I’m a little behind on this post. School has actually been out for 3 weeks now, but it takes me that long to sort through my thoughts, let alone photos! May and June are always a cacophony (I love that word!) of events, practices, and festivities.

Especially when our kids are so talented and smart. So I do not complain.

So, a quick recap:

Jessie was inducted into the National Junior Honor Society (straight A’s this year!):

Along with some of her friends – love how natural they all are in front of the camera.

Helen was inducted last year (and I was obviously more organized then), so she initiated Jessie with a proper welcome (these are priceless photos to a mother!):

This was Helen’s second year in the Honor Choir, but Jessie’s first. They had their end of year concert and sounded amazing, singing the songs that won them first place at their national competition (this is also a shout out to their friends. You know who you are):

Posing afterward with Alex. The middle one is not mine by birth, though we did consider adding her to our tax returns this year:

Alex. Sigh. Please stop growing. How can you be finished with 1st grade already?

This is so him.

Do I have him trained for photos or what??

Being all boy on stage with his awards:

Pretty sure my desk wasn’t this organized in first grade:

The obligatory photo with the teacher. Thanks for being so awesome this year, Ms. Tuttle!

We had THREE separate Field Days:

And because dance and honors choir aren’t enough, Jessie also plays the cello in Honor Strings. This child will NOT have a problem filling out the extracurricular portion of her college application. This was the end of the year concert:

And her award for Most Improved Musician. You go girl!

Here’s to staying busy. And to the start of summer. And to going out with a bang. Cheers!


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