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Traveling for weddings always brings new challenges and adventures. We not only have to pack and carry all our equipment, but we need to remember to bring wedding clothes, travel clothes, and toiletries, especially my hair brush. I don’t know if ya’ll have seen my hair lately, but it’s getting pretty long. I definitely am always in need of a brush! Until I don’t have one.

So, here’s what happened:

For our wedding in Oxford, MS this past wedding, I had gathered all our travel essentials while Ed was at his day job. We had plans to leave as soon as he got home. Oxford is an easy 1.5 hour drive, but we were starting really early on Saturday, so we decided to stay overnight both Friday and Saturday. We knew we would be too tired to drive home after the wedding.

We have a toiletries bag that we share for quick weekend trips. I packed all my items, and left the bag on the bathroom counter so that Ed could add his things when he got home. My brush takes up a big portion of the bag, so he had to take the brush out to fit in smaller items like deodorant, shaving items, etc.

Yup, you got it. He forgot to put the brush back in the bag.


Now, the solution that jumps to mind is to go buy a new brush when we get to Oxford, right? Unfortunately, we didn’t discover that the brush was missing until the next morning. We were staying in Taylor, MS, down the road from Oxford and right across the street from the reception venue at Plein Air.

Taylor is the most adorable little town, but it’s tiny. There’s no Wal-Mart, Walgreens, or even a convenience store. That meant we had to drive into Oxford to find something. We checked the only gas station that we passed on the way to our Oxford destination, but alas, no brush.

We simply didn’t have time to drive anywhere else to look. So I ran my fingers through my hair as best I could, and went to work! I have to say, I don’t think anyone knew (other than the bride and groom who laughed at the story when we told them later). Luckily, I had my hair done the previous day (thanks, Valarie!), and it still looked pretty awesome. I must have slept good with minimal tossing and turning!

So, yeah. I went to a wedding without brushing my hair. But I didn’t die.

In other news, we stayed in the CUTEST one-bedroom cottage in Taylor. Ed and I didn’t want to leave! Campbell and Risa were awesome hosts, and it was SO wonderful just walking across the street and falling into bed after the wedding. Plein Air is a wonderful community, and we thoroughly enjoyed our stay. If you ever find yourself in Taylor, I would definitely recommend staying there!

But don’t forget your brush.



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