texture through travels: new orleans in black and white photos.

Sometimes, a photo says so much more when all the color is removed. It can draw attention to emotion, mood, texture, and focus on what’s really going on. Shadows and highlights play a bigger role, and there’s almost always a deeper story there. Ya’ll know how I am about telling the story. Oops. I just let my Southern-ness out.

As promised, here is the continuation of yesterday’s post. A look at New Orleans through texture, perspective, and story-telling. But instead of color photos, these are all in black and white. Please leave a comment and let me know if the color or black and white set is your favorite!

I usually try to crop power lines out of my photos, but I thought it added a little something extra to this one.

Everybody walks in New Orleans. Yet the streets are crowded with cars.

Yes, it’s a hotel bed. And my awesome Hawaii messenger bag. But I loved the little sliver of light that was peeking through the window to highlight one side of the room. And if you look, there’s a story there.

Here’s to stories in black and white. And removing the distractions. And letting your Southern-ness out once in awhile. Cheers!


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