stormy skies.

Storms can be scary. But they can also be beautiful. They are full of energy and excitement, and they can light up an entire night. I want to be a storm. I want to light up the night.


I shot this image with a 25 second exposure, on a tripod. 50mm 1.2 lens, ISO 250, f/14, 25.0 sec

The sky was full of lightning, but no thunder or rain. We’re talking 45 straight minutes of continual flashes. I held the shutter open for a few flashes to light up the clouds. I waited patiently (with the shutter open) for a defined lightening streak, then closed the shutter. After about 100 tries, I got this photo. 

Here’s to stormy skies. And lighting up the night. And trial and error. Cheers!

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