state of the union: new bookcases. kind of.

The office makeover is now in full swing. While there’s no after photo yet, there is progress. And I’ll take progress. We still have a rug that’s yet to arrive, blinds and curtains awaiting decisions, and art that needs to go on the walls.

My bookcases have gotten a complete overhaul. I’m now calling that part of the room the library. You know. Cuz one wall of books, some fancy lights,  and knick knacks totally makes a library.

Office Makeover Bookshelves

Yes, that’s a microscope. Don’t pretend like you didn’t know I was a nerd.

Office Makeover Bookshelves I’m bringing in touches of the sea, trying to bring the beach a little closer.

Office Makeover Bookshelves Office Makeover Bookshelves Art by clients and kids have a prominent place.

Office Makeover Bookshelves I’m no stylist, but I know what I like, and what makes me happy. These shelves make me happy.

Here’s to fancy lights. And pretty coral. And having your very own library. Cheers!


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