snow day.

One of my goals for 2014 is to take more personal photos. I haven’t been doing so well with that so far (and it’s already March!), so when we got our first REAL day of snow, I made myself go take some photos of the kids  in it. Now, I hate snow. Like, hate it. It’s cold, and I hate being cold. It’s wet. It sticks to everything. And it’s COLD!

But it sure is pretty!

Alex and Helen were totally game to run around outside for 10 minutes (the others were still asleep) while the snow swirled around us. It’s not everyday that you get gorgeous flakes falling from the sky, so I’m glad we took a few minutes to document it.

Carpe Diem!

Snow Day 2014 (7)


Snow Day 2014 (6)


Snow Day 2014 (5)


Snow Day 2014 (4)


Snow Day 2014 (3)


Snow Day 2014 (2)


Snow Day 2014 (1)


Here’s to beautiful snow, even if it is cold and wet. And seizing the day. And a warm fireplace when you’re done.


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