shooting in the desert.

I’ve been a southern girl nearly all my life. On our side of the country, we have beaches, the Delta, and mountains with trees on them. Grass grows in our yards and weeds grow on the side of the road. Cacti and succulents are grown for their beauty, not out of necessity.

The desert was like a whole other world. One I’d only heard about but wasn’t sure really existed. So when Ed and I had the chance to drive out to the desert while in Vegas, we leapt at the opportunity.

We went a couple hours before sunset and I knew the light would be amazing. I was right. My honey makes the desert look gooooood!



The drive to this magical place and the following photos were made possible by a couple new, lifelong friends that we made while in Vegas. Chris Trementozzi and Jasmine Fitzwilliam are San Diego photographers and insanely talented. We met at the conference and got along instantly. Chris had a car, so we all made plans to exploit his mobility and drive out to see some of the sights. And do what photographers do best. Take photos.

Jasmine was kind enough to take these of Ed and I together. It’s the first time that we’ve had photos like this together, and these mean more to me than you know. Thank you, Jasmine.




Ed let me take photos of him, so I had to return the favor.


We got lucky and ran into Mandy Caudill, a photographer closer to my area whom I’ve known for about a year now. She offered to take this photo of all four of us. Thank you, Mandy!

The four of us then took turns shooting each other. The desert was lovely, but I love shooting people. Jasmine and Chris were the perfect subjects!




Jasmine, you are way too adorable.







Sunset in the desert is amazing. Some of the most beautiful colors I’ve ever seen.



Those lights in the background? That’s Vegas. Yeah.



Here’s to adventure. And finding out that some things you haven’t seen with your eyes really do exist. And making lifelong friends. Cheers!

  • Jasmine
    Posted at 13:38h, 26 March

    Hmm, I think my last post got eaten. Well, anyway, these are SO DANG AWESOME! I’m so glad we went, so glad I could shoot a bit of the two of you, and so glad we found all this magic. Here’s to making new friends in the desert!

  • Chris
    Posted at 00:36h, 27 March

    Aw! So good and so much fun! Love all the shots! Cheers to new friends and the magical desert. Let me know if you guys are ever in San Diego!

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