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Things in our lives are never spaced out. They happen all at once, all the time. I’ve grown used to it, and I’m completely okay with the patterns of our busy family. So it came as no surprise that our biggest dance competition of the year also fell on PROM weekend!

Thankfully, we have two amazing sets of parents that are always willing to travel to Memphis to help out. This year was Helen’s Senior Prom (and Jessie’s Junior), and there was no way I was missing it! With the help of all our loved ones, I was able to sneak away from the competition for a few hours and help the girls get ready. We made sure to plan the day out so that we would have plenty of time for photos!

Our latest dance competition took up ALL of Friday, Saturday, and Sunday. It was the first competition where we had to be there when the doors opened and stay until the doors closed every. single. day. Usually, we get lucky, and there is a day that they don’t dance, but not this time! Alex danced on Friday and Saturday, and Jessie danced all day on Sunday. It may sound exhausting, and it was, but we couldn’t have planned it better ourselves! We were crossing our fingers up until they released the schedule that Jessie wouldn’t have any dances that interfered with Prom. Since she only danced on Sunday, she had all of Saturday for Prom!

Alex, however, had his duet and all 5 of his group dances on Saturday, so we started the day there. I was able to sneak away during a large gap in his group dances so that I could run home for Prom prep. Ed stayed with him while I busied myself with hair, makeup, and photos! We got the photos done earlier than expected, and I ran back to the competition to finish out the day with him. I have a post coming soon with all the results and photos from competition (they performed SOOO well!), but this post is all about PROM!

First, I have a few people to thank. Because this was Helen’s only ever Senior Prom, we had her dress custom-made. Andrea Fenise knocked it out of the park and created the perfect dress for her! It was everything she wanted and more. We are so lucky to know such wonderful people in the wedding industry! A custom-made prom dress was something I never would have even considered if we didn’t have this awesome job of ours. It has brought so many blessings into our lives. Andrea is amazing, and knew exactly what Helen wanted. Another great benefit was that we didn’t have to worry about alterations since it was made to fit her!

Kamesha, of Ava Loren Design, made Helen’s date, Matt’s, bowtie with some extra sequin fabric from Helen’s dress. So cool that they matched perfectly! She also does calligraphy, and included the nicest hand-written thank you note in her package. Client experience is everything, ya’ll! I will be going back to her again and again. A special thank you to Brady Boyd, who did Helen’s makeup. We’ve known Brady since she was a little girl and friends with one of our daughters, so it was extra-special to get to work with her! She does beautiful makeup, and she is on the top of my referral list. Last, but not least, my good friend Valarie Powell did Helen’s hair, and it looked incredible!

The best part about prom this year? Sister bonding! If you follow us on snapchat (amyhutchinson), you saw that Helen was so sweet to do Jessie’s makeup and hair. They both looked like models! I might be biased, but once you see these photos, I think you’ll agree! So now… on to all the pretty!

tip: If you’re planning to do photos for Prom, start EARLY! By the time we were done and leaving, this park was full of people taking prom photos! Because we started so early, we had the whole place to ourselves!



She really did look like a princess.




The theme for Prom this year was Gatsby, and I think Jessie and Caleb nailed it!



This golden-leaved headband was the perfect accessory (we found it and the earrings at Forever 21).


Those eyes though!



My favorite photo. Maybe ever!


LOVE the bowtie and the boutonniere!



Aren’t they the best?




We had to get a special photo of the shoes, which were an adventure to find! Turns out gold shoes are more elusive than you’d think. But we finally fell in love with these nude heels with gold bangle details (found at Dillard’s).




Nike socks!


They are so good at the “model face.”


We had to have some silliness too!




Jessie wore my grandmother’s pearls, and the earrings I wore at my wedding. <3


Helen chose matte charcoal nails with one gold sparkly one.


They’re so cool.



Trying to be sneaky!



If you made it all the way to the end, THANK YOU! I know it was an overload of photos, but it’s impossible to choose! They all looked so great. It was a day and night to remember for all!


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