Project Life March

Project Life | March 2014 | Print Your Photos

We kind of really love photos around here. You might think that’s a given, since we’re photographers, but I don’t think that’s true. I know too many photographers who tend to neglect personal photos. I even used to be one of them. But over the last few years, I made taking, and even more importantly, PRINTING, personal photos a top priority.

Our kids LOVE looking through photos, home videos, and reminiscing in general. I’m not sure if this is something that’s imbedded in all children, or if it’s stronger in my kids. I’d like to think I had something to do with that! I don’t remember being particularly nostalgic as a child (though that has changed since I’ve become an adult). And it’s not just one of my kids who enjoys memories – it’s ALL of them. Maybe it’s because of this reason that they never complain about taking photos. My kids are ALWAYS up for a photo shoot! It’s getting them all together at the same time that’s the real challenge!

The digital age and our iPhones have made taking photos so much easier than it used to be. I have over 5,000 photos on my phone alone. I know, it’s ridiculous. But I don’t want all our memories to live on our phones, or on the computer. I make sure they all get downloaded, and the important ones (although who’s to say which memories are more important than the others?) get printed. Everything changes when you can hold your memories in your hand. When you can cuddle on the sofa with an album and relive those moments.

As a way to get the photos into albums, I started doing Project Life last year. This year, to make it easier for me to keep up with, I am not doing a week-by-week approach, but recording the days more by month, or by important events. Some months only get one spread, some get more, depending on what happened that month. January is a slow month, so it only got one spread. But I’m in the middle of July now, and it’s already jam-packed with lots of vacation spreads. This free-form approach helps me keep up with it (even though I’m still behind!) while having fun designing the spreads without the rigidity of rules.

I should also mention that I use Studio Calico kits for my Project Life. Each month, they send me a beautiful, organized, and curated collection of cards and embellishments that make the documenting process so much easier for me! Most of the time, I stick to the cards in the kits, but I will stray once in awhile into leftover stash from a previous month. It’s the assembly process that’s so fun!

I thought I would share some of my spreads here on the blog, and March has some of my favorites, so I’ll start there. It was a fairly busy month for us, so I ended up with three spreads covering everything from dance competitions and volleyball games to snow and Spring Break.

Project Life | March

Project Life March

Alex had his very first dance competition in March, so that event got a page of its own. I also included some photos of him cracking up at some gaming YouTube videos that he loves to watch.

Project Life March

Project Life March

The right side of the spread is all about one of Helen’s championship volleyball games that was held in Louisville. I also love to throw in everyday things, like a screenshot of a sweet or funny text message.

Project Life March Project Life March

The next spread is all about the biggest snow day we had this year. Helen and Alex were great sports that day, and they let me take lots of photos. I love the one of them together, so that got printed as a page all by itself!

Project Life March Project Life March Project Life March Project Life March

The last spread in March has an outdoors theme!

Project Life March

We had our Spring Break trip to the mountains in March, so the left side covers some of that. I also had an entire album of this trip printed (and I’ll show that at another time), so I kept it short and sweet. One of my favorite things about Project Life is that I get to include journaling and little comments, so we never forget the little things!

Project Life March

I love how the “not my day” transparency perfectly illustrates how unhappy Alex was at that moment! This dude was tired of hiking!

Project Life March

The right side of the spread is about a 4-wheeler riding day we spent with my brother and some friends. These riding days are so much fun, and a great way for us to connect with our redneck roots and spend some time with my brother, who we don’t get to see very often. These are definitely memories I never want to forget!

Project Life March Project Life March

I realize this kind of memory keeping is not for everyone. I’m a mom, and a crafty girl, so I really enjoy the process. But if this isn’t your thing, that’s totally okay! The main idea of this post is to PRINT YOUR PHOTOS. Whatever that means to you. It’s so important to get them out of the camera and out of the computer! Our job as photographers is to help you record your memories. It’s your job to enjoy them.


  • Cindy Hurley
    Posted at 19:31h, 22 October

    I used to print all of my photos (pre-digital), write pertinent info on the back (a product of finding a box of photos of my photographer dad’s with NO info!) and put them in albums. I have a lot of albums! I really like scrapbooking, which your process reminds me of, but I tend to spend toooo much time on one page! I do intend to scrapbook my grandkids cause I’m not behind on them yet. I recently produced my first book on our trip to Italy thru IPhoto. I am so proud of it! I really enjoyed this blogpost because it has shown me yet another way to enjoy photos. (BTW, if you want to laugh a bit, spend some time watching videos of Cheryl’s childhood with her. She loves herself as a kid!!)

    • Amy
      Posted at 09:21h, 23 October

      Cindy, my oldest loves watching herself on old home movies too! She could watch those things all day, every day. So funny!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 21:31h, 22 October

    This is what people, including me, need. We take soooo many photos but usually they are left on the IPhone or computer and NEVER printed! What a wonderful way to share family photos. Thank you!