Project Life: January

I love photos. That might seem overly obvious, since I am a photographer and all, but what I mean is that I love not only photography, but actual photos. Physical, printed ones. I could sit and look through photo albums all day. A photo captures a moment. It keeps your kids young forever, when all you want is to stop them from growing. It tells the story of all those minutes and hours that seemed so ordinary at the time, but later prove priceless. It stops time. For those reasons (and many, many more), I make documenting our memories a priority. Or, at least, I try to.

Time is precious, and the older you get, the more you understand it. I’m lucky to have all my kids still at home, but I know the time will come when that will change. Maybe soon. So, in an effort to preserve our memories before they slip through that proverbial, inevitable crack, I love to print out our photos and document our lives. Even, and maybe even especially, the ordinary days.

For the most part, I stick to the Project Life method, and make it as simple as possible, using kits from Studio Calico. I don’t even always go in order. I just gather up some photos and tell the stories. I group the photos by month, and some months have more pages than others. It just depends on what happened in our lives, and how many photos I took.

Oh, and all my kids love looking back through these albums and reliving all our little adventures. We’re all a little nostalgic around here!

We’re at the end of January, and so far I have the month up to now documented. I’m trying desperately to keep up this year, and so far, I’m off to a good start! Most of the photos in my album are everyday photos taken with my iPhone. I don’t believe in bad photos, so everything’s fair game!

I went with a simple title page this year. No photos, just an intro to the album. I made a confetti pocket by cutting up one of our New Year’s party headbands. I added a transparency with our initial and number of family members 🙂

Project Life January Project Life January Project Life January

Since the back of the title page is my first spread of the year, I worked on it simultaneously with my first spread so that everything would be cohesive. 16 is my lucky number, so I’m especially looking forward to this year!

Project Life January Project Life January

The first spread is a short one, mostly just covering our New Year’s celebrations. The “Happy New Year 2016” is also from the party headband (that I’m wearing in the photos).

Project Life January Project Life January

The second spread covers everything from dance rehearsals (there have been lots this month!), new dance shoes, working out, and Ed’s new car. I had to include these photos of Alex. His favorite thing to do right now is watch silly YouTube videos. He will giggle uncontrollably, and it’s my favorite sound in the world. These are the little things I never want to forget! I love that this system allows me to add in journaling to tell the stories.

Project Life January Project Life January Project Life January

This spread is my favorite so far. We got one day of snow, and I forced myself to take the kids and the camera to the park for some epic snow photos. I hate snow. It’s cold. It’s wet. But it sure is pretty! I’m so glad I suffered through it to get these photos of Jessie and Alex! I plan to post some of these on the blog next week.

Project Life January

I included a double-sided insert with enlargements my favorite photos. It adds a little interest, and it’s a good way to get cram in just a few more photos!

Project Life January Project Life January Project Life January Project Life January

Alex just happened to bring home some fake snow earlier this month, so I filled a pocket with it and sealed it shut with my Fuse. So glad I saved it!

Project Life January

Here’s the insert by itself.

Project Life January

So there’s a little recap of our month so far. I may have one more spread left to do for January (haven’t decided yet), but for now, I’m all caught up!

How do you guys document your memories?


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    Posted at 09:33h, 01 March

    These photos are amazing!