our life: a partnership

{by Ed}


To say our life is busy, is an understatement.  To say raising our four children is a challenge, is an understatement.  But guess what?  We wouldn’t change a thing!

We love that our days are ever changing and we love that there’s never a dull moment in our household.  That being said, it does come with stressful moments and last minute decisions and late night trips to the store.  But, we always prevail and we come together to get things done.  It’s a partnership.

The following image is just a glimpse into one week of our lives:


We have dance competition and dance practice for Jessie and Alex.  Helen has volleyball games and volleyball practice.  Morgan has work.  There are orthodontic appointments, dentist appointments, and appointments that I never knew existed.  But we make it work.  Oh yeah, and let’s not forget that Amy and I both have full-time jobs.

So, what do you think I did when it came time for Amy and Jessie to go to L.A. for an entire week?  Yup, you guessed it.  I freaked out a little, and then I called the grandparents!!!  🙂  My mom and dad were able to come up and handle those little trips that needed to happen before 5:00 and when someone needed to be at two places at once.  We’re so thankful they still like us!

You see, our partnership sometimes goes beyond just Amy and me.  Our parents are fully involved whenever they can.  My parents have the luxury of being retired and Amy’s parents will soon be retired, so that luxury will be two-fold.  Family is so very important to us and we know there are many things that would never happen if it wasn’t for them.

Here’s to partnerships, and family, and to taking control of a hectic schedule!


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