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You know, cuz I haven’t talked about New Orleans enough.

Ed and I love to travel. Traveling is like make-believe for adults. We get to pretend we’re someone else, living somewhere else, and no one will know the difference. One of our favorite challenges when we travel is to become a local – not do all the touristy things and go where all the tourists go, but to find that hole-in-the-wall bar that you only know about if you live there. Or that restaurant that’s completely empty at lunchtime because no one knows about it. We have been to NOLA enough times that we do have a few of those places, and they are always our favorites. We can go, chat it up with the bartender, play what-if games, and pretend.

Thank you, Mr. iPhone, for always being around and accessible for those moments that I really do need to act like a tourist. And for the times when I can pretend that I’m not. Some random facts about our recent trip:

  • The doorman at our hotel wore a top hat. I’m not kidding. I have a picture that I still need to put on Instagram.
  • We took a picture. Together. Whoa.
  • We met some incredible new people and hung out with some of our photographer friends.
  • We. Ate. Amazing. Food.
  • We rode the streetcar (we call it a trolley here in Memphis, but don’t call it that in New Orleans!).
  • Music was everywhere.
  • People love to party in NOLA, but I’m afraid we were back at our hotel by 10p.m. every night. This city takes energy!
  • We met John Green.

If you’re on Instagram, follow me. I’d love to follow you back. I’m amy_hutchinson. If you’re not… uh, why not? Start documenting your travels! Here’s to make-believe. And the locals. And the Big Easy. Cheers!

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