Our New Orleans Adventure

One of the best things I ever learned while becoming a photographer, and to this day, one of my favorite lines to recite, is that the best camera you could ever have is the one you have with you. Such great advice for any photographer! Hell, great advice for anyone. Also, it could not have been more true for our latest trip to New Orleans, especially since we forgot to pack our cameras.

How do photographers forget to pack their cameras? First, a little backstory.

Ed and I love travel. While we are lucky to get to travel quite a bit for weddings, we consider that work. We want to make sure we are taking some time every year to travel for fun, too (not that weddings aren’t fun- they are! We’re so lucky!). So we came up with this great idea – let’s take an annual trip in February with our best friends, before wedding season kicks in and we forget to be sociable. You may have read a little about our latest weekend trip here.

But wait. That post has photos in it! Photos taken with a real camera. Professional photos. It’s true. I can explain. Keep reading…

There was a little drama that happened the morning we were leaving for our road trip to New Orleans. It involved our friends, a refrigerator emergency, and a traffic ticket that almost canceled the whole trip. Instead, it just delayed our departure by about two hours and ended up with two cars on the road instead of one. Amid the chaos of that morning, we loaded the car with all our essentials – camera bag, laptop, suitcase, and cooler with our favorite liquor beverages.

The problem is that our cameras don’t travel in our camera bag – they go around our necks. The camera bag is for all our lenses, batteries, and other accessories. We didn’t realize we never put them in the car until we went to take them out for an impromptu engagement session with our friends.

When he went to grab our cameras, Ed, who is a little OCD about packing (and therefore I am never allowed to touch the camera bag!), looked up with horror, his face drained of color, and said, “we didn’t bring the cameras.”

My mouth dropped open, and my face blanched as white as the one who was looking at me with ultimate panic. My mind raced as I tried to remember putting the cameras in the car… and couldn’t. He was right. We totally drove off without our most essential piece of gear – our own second arms! Those cameras are such a natural extension of our own arms, it still baffles me how we didn’t know we didn’t have them with us until it was too late.

Our New Orleans Adventure

I’m the problem-solver. I’m the ones who handles stress with a faux, perceived ease. So, while Ed was just staring at me with wide eyes and horror-struck silence, my brain was racing into action.

Okay. Did we have the backup camera? Yes. Thank God. Put some batteries in it. My favorite lens was still back home on my camera body, but we have other lenses. I’ll just shoot with the macro.

Our backup camera is an older model, and I hadn’t used it in years. But I knew I would still remember how it worked! The next problem was that it wouldn’t format our newer memory cards. Luckily, we had an older backup card (we keep backups of everything, and this is why!) that worked just fine. We were in business!

I took a few minutes to re-learn my old camera and mourn the fact that I didn’t have my favorite lens, but then we shot some gorgeous photos of our friends! They turned out great, and no one would ever know that we forgot to pack our cameras.

Until I told the whole world on my blog, of course.

Our New Orleans Adventure Our New Orleans Adventure Our New Orleans Adventure

The rest of our time in New Orleans was spent having fun, eating way too much, and if we’re being honest (which apparently we are!), drinking too much. It was perfect, and just what we needed.

And I took all the photos on this post with my iPhone.

Because we forgot to pack our cameras.

(p.s. the photo below is the adorable house we rented for the weekend.)

Our New Orleans Adventure Our New Orleans Adventure Our New Orleans Adventure

But, honestly, I would have used my iPhone for all these photos anyway, even if we had not forgotten our cameras. Because this trip was (mostly) about fun, and not work. Sometimes, I prefer to carry around my lightweight iPhone for personal travel photos.

Another confession – these are the only photos I took while we were there. I made sure that Ed and I took time to live. And enjoy.

And we did.


To see the photos we managed to take without our cameras, check out this post.

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