my thoughts on vegas.

{by Ed}

So, yeah, we went to Las Vegas last week, and everyone at work has been asking, “How was it?!?!?”.  I know they were expecting, “OH MY GOD!  It was AHmazing!!!”, but what they got from me was, ” It was pretty good.  Kind of ‘not real’, but that’s what it’s supposed to be, right?”.  Now, I love social events and parties, etc., but other than the casinos and all the neon lights, it wasn’t all that different than any city that has descent hang out spots and places to party.  Oh, and it’s EXPENSIVE!  Like, Disney World expensive!  I’m also married with kids, so some of the draw of Vegas is not something I was going after anyway, so two strikes against me I guess.

What I will say about Vegas is that it has a LOT of energy.  You’re always exhausted no matter how much sleep you get at night or how much relaxing you do during the day.  People are having fun and smiling all around you.  You can’t help but feed from their energy as well.

The strip was pretty cool and we kept asking each other, “How much is the light bill in this city?”.  Also, a Vegas city block is really, really big.  A building that you could see right down the road took at least 30 minutes to get there.

There were many things that did make me happy and glad that we actually got to go.  Of course, there was the conference and the new things we learned from the speakers, and the very good food that we ate.  But, it was also the new friends we made, the Bellagio fountains, and the desert.  Who knew the desert could be so gorgeous???  I’ll leave you with an Instagram mosaic of our time in Las Vegas:


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Even though some places don’t live up to the hype in your opinion, the experiences you gain and the memories you’ll create will make it all worth it.


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