my christmas home tour: 2013

Christmas is a big deal in our house. Yes, we have 4 kids, and I wish I could blame it on them, but the simple truth is that I LOVE CHRISTMAS! It’s the only good thing about a cold winter. So we go all out. And by all out, I mean that every room is decorated, and it takes us weeks to get all our trees up. This year, we have 8. And we decided to leave one in the box! No shame!

Since we put all this effort into making the house as pretty as possible, we want to share. I managed to get photos of every room (except the bathroom, but you’re not missing much) while the house was CLEAN! That doesn’t last long.

So…. welcome to our home for the holidays! We tried to go for a more simple, natural, woodland-type decor theme this year.

WARNING: lots of photos ahead!!

The front door looks much nicer at night.

This is the view that greets you when you come in the door. It’s the only 2-story part of the house, so we splurged on a 12-foot tree to greet guests with style. I made those little trees, using this tutorial.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (1)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (2)

This room never photographs as good as it looks. And don’t tell Ed, but I’m really wanting to repaint the walls and the staircase in here…

2013 Christmas Home Tour (3)

We have two smaller trees flanking the front door. I love their natural look, with their berries (even though pine trees don’t have berries, but I won’t go there…)

2013 Christmas Home Tour (4)

We call this tree the “ball tree.” Original, I know. It’s decorated only with ball-shaped ornaments. We add on every year, and one day I hope to have so many that you can barely see the branches.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (5)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (6)

Under the stairs, the bar gets it’s own, white “ice tree.” I now realize it needs a skirt of some sort. Ooooh! A small sheepskin one would be nice…

2013 Christmas Home Tour (7)

Right off the foyer is my office. It used to be the formal dining room, but we never used it, so we remade it into something that we… I mean I… use all the time. This is the sitting/relaxing part of the room. I love that it has a fireplace (shoulda turned that on for these photos…)

2013 Christmas Home Tour (8)

I made that white paper star.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (9)

This is my favorite decorated part of the house this year. I can make any surface into a bar! I got these glitter trees at Target, and just added in some pinecones and woodsy garland that I already had. I’m obviously still making decisions on the art…

2013 Christmas Home Tour (10)

Christmas cocktail anyone?

2013 Christmas Home Tour (11)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (12)

Since this is my office, I get to go totally girly with the tree in here! I went for an all-white tree, with white, silver, and bronze ornaments. It’s still in its early stages, so I have lots of ornament collecting still to do.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (13)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (14)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (15)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (16)

I am currently without a sewing machine, so the pillows don’t have their final fabric choices yet. But I had to tie this deer fabric around one. It’s so festive!

2013 Christmas Home Tour (17)

On the other side of the room is my actual desk and workstation. Here’s where all the magic happens! I still want to add something Christmas-y to the desk, but for now, at least it has this pretty boxwood wreath.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (18)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (19)

The piano lives on the wall opposite the desk. I really really really want to paint it white, but so far, I’m too chicken. This mirror is temporary, until I find something bigger to go here. The white tree lights came from Ikea a few years ago.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (20)

Around the corner is the kitchen. It got some garland, lights, and a woodsy tree. I would love some rosemary wreaths for the windows in here (off camera to the right). Hint, hint, mom (she has a huge rosemary plant)!

2013 Christmas Home Tour (21)

The kitchen opens onto the dining area (not really a room). Our happy woodland friends live here this year.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (22)

I couldn’t resist the sweater deer from Target this year!

2013 Christmas Home Tour (23)

The shelves in the dining area got a complete makeover. I kinda went all out here. So much for keeping it simple! I just kept adding stuff, and I love how it turned out. And yes, that’s another mini-bar there! We’re serious about cocktail hour in this house.

2013 Christmas Home Tour (24)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (25)

Leftover Halloween candy… 😉

2013 Christmas Home Tour (26)

The family room is next to the kitchen/dining area, and is definitely our most-used room in the house. The kids live in here, and this is also where Ed and I hold our client meetings (I wouldn’t allow a TV in my office!).

p.s. That yellow on the walls will be changing soon. I can’t look at yellow anymore! But let’s just call it gold for now, and it suddenly becomes festive!

2013 Christmas Home Tour (27)

The “family tree” is always my hands-down favorite. Every year. It’s the tree the kids always decorate, and it has all our meaningful ornaments. Ed and I try to get an ornament from every place we travel, and we keep every single ornament the kids have ever made. There are ornaments on this tree with Morgan’s 5-year old face on them, and I LOVE that!!! Helen, Jessie, and Alex are all represented too. We go for all-out color on this tree, and one of my favorite parts is the star tinsel-garland that wraps around it in crazy loops.

I moved the stockings in here this year. They usually go on the mantle in my office, but the fireplace in there is REALLY hot, and started turning them brown last year. I can’t have an unused fireplace, so they got moved. Jessie is still mad at me for it.

We got those crazy cool star lights at Ikea this year during our last trip to Atlanta (one of the few places we don’t have represented as an ornament. hmmm).

2013 Christmas Home Tour (28)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (29)


2013 Christmas Home Tour (30)

I hope you enjoyed your holiday visit. Our house always looks it best during the holidays, and we love to have company. In fact, we will be hosting the Memphis Wedding Professionals holiday party here! Can’t wait!

For fun, here’s what our home looked like for Christmas last year. And this was from 2009. (wow, the house has changed a lot since then!)

Here’s to the holidays. And decorating. And maybe not keeping things simple after all. Cheers!

psst… if you happened to be counting, you may have realized that there are only 6 trees pictured above. There’s a very colorful one in Alex’s room, but I’m not showing you how messy his room is! He decorated it himself. We also have one out on the back deck, but it only looks good at night when all the lights are on. I’ll try to get a photo of that on Instagram, so make sure you’re following me there! 


  • Olivia Cummings
    Posted at 21:46h, 14 December

    You know I want your house… So can you leave the Christmas decor too? Gorgeous. Your sense of style amazes me! I love the tree garlandon the piano and the LANTERNS. 😀