Mexico Beach by iPhone

On to Mexico Beach for a Real Vacation

It’s been a long time since we had a real family vacation. Ed and I travel a lot, and I am grateful for that, but most of that traveling is work-related and without our kids. We were a bit naive last year and thought our trip to Ft. Walton for dance nationals would count as our family vacation. We ended up spending so much time at the Convention Center for competition (plus it rained the whole week), that we didn’t get much time for relaxation. So this year, we decided to do things differently.

This year, we booked an extra week in Mexico Beach after our week in Ft. Walton. We wanted a smaller, less touristy, more private beach for our week long family vacation. It was only about a 2 hour drive from Ft. Walton, and in classic Hutchinson style, we made the trip an adventure along the way.

Jessie is a huge believer in family traditions. If we’ve done something once, we have to do it again the next year. Because it’s a tradition. So she was determined to visit a Dippin Dots store. Because, you know, we did it last year. Unfortunately, the one we went to last year in Destin was no longer open. Luckily, I happened to look up while on the road to Mexico Beach and spied one. We braked and led our two-car caravan into the parking lot so we could all have Dippin Dots.

Phew. Tradition preserved.

Mexico Beach by iPhone

So far, Mexico Beach has been everything we were hoping for! It’s friendly, quiet, and oh so quaint. Mexico Beach faces a little more West than Ft. Walton does, so the sun sets over the water, which is glorious at sunset. The breeze has been cool and refreshing, and we’ve put our kite into the air to hover over our beach chairs every day. Nothing like a coastal breeze to make a professional kite flyer out of the most amateur of amateurs!

Mexico Beach by iPhone

I’ve been super busy relaxing and being lazy, so these are all iPhone photos. But I think they are a perfect representation of the fun and laziness we have been enjoying this week. We were all in need of some downtime. The only drawback is going to be leaving. We are all feeling right at home!

Now, I’m off to the sand. And to put my kite in the air. You know, because it’s tradition.


  • Sarah
    Posted at 09:04h, 11 July

    Love all the traditions but the iPhone pictures are just awesome when taken by you!