Mexico Beach Family Portrait

Our Mexico Beach Family Portrait

It’s always a challenge to get all my kids together for a photo. They’re almost never all home at the same time, and if they are, there’s always so much going on that taking a group photo is just not on the todo list. So you’d think with us all being on vacation, getting a family portrait would be a little easier. Well, it is… but only a little.

For some reason, this task always falls to one of the last days we’re away. I think the kids are so sick of me taking pictures that it’s more of a chore for them than anything else!  Aw, mom, do we HAVE to? Plus, our kids are 75% girls. This means that there must be outfit changes (sometimes several), hair fixing, and makeup touchups before they will be seen in front of the camera. We need good weather and sunset lighting, and more often than not, it’s right before we are rushing out to eat dinner.

All those things happened for this vacation, but I still managed to get my photo. Mexico Beach was so gorgeous and relaxing, and I wanted to make sure we remembered everything about it. Yes, the beach itself was beautiful and I have more photos of sunsets than I can count, but I am a people photographer! I want people in my photos. My people. My kids, all together, being happy.

I’m happy with what I got in the 10 minutes they let me have 😉

Mexico Beach Family Portrait

As usual, it’s the in-between moments that are my favorite! See? They really do love each other.

Mexico Beach Family Portrait Mexico Beach Family Portrait

I know that one day these photos will be more important to them than they are today. And I hope that one day they will be thankful that their mom is a photographer and took so many photos! I’m planning to make a vacation album with all the photos we took during these two weeks, and I can’t wait for that! It’s so important to have printed photos to look through, and I’m being much better about that this year.

Here’s to our Mexico Beach family portrait. And forcing your kids to take photos. Lots of them. And hoping that they will be thankful for it later.


  • Sarah
    Posted at 08:30h, 16 July

    Great beach photos … Where’s the khakis?? No for real the photos are fabulous & I don’t think I can pick a fave!!