Master Bedroom Makeover

Some Progress on Our Master Bedroom Makeover

Having four kids, a home, and owning a small business really means I have THREE full-time jobs. Our calendar is so jam-packed and we have kids going everywhere, all the time. We barely have time to do grocery shopping, much less clean the house, cook, or organize anything around here. Something is always broken. Something is always left undone. Something is always a mess.

Also, I suck at domesticity.

Which means that generally, our house is a mess. At least the parts that visitors don’t see. And while I’ve come to be okay with that, even I have my limits. When I get to the point that I can’t concentrate because of the chaos, then it’s time to get busy.

I should have known it was coming. I picked a day last week and spent hours cleaning off my desk. Hours. That just kick-started the organizational bug, which doesn’t come often. When it does, I have to grab on and ride it out! I told Ed and the kids that since we had a wedding-free weekend, we were all going to spend it cleaning and organizing upstairs. Even Alex went through all his drawers to pull out clothes that no longer fit.

God bless having children who are all (nearly) in the double digit age brackets!

While the kids managed the mess in their own rooms, Ed and I tackled our master bedroom. We had painted and hung up some art on one wall a couple years ago, but things never got finished. We still had more photos and art to hang, new sheets to buy for the bed, and a TON of clothes organization to tackle.

Things just feel so much better when they’re clean and pretty. I sleep so much better at night now!

Come on in.

Master Bedroom Makeover

My father-in-law made these benches for me, and I love them! They still need some stain and some cushions, but right now, I kind of like the rustic look. We did these striped wood floors when we built the house, and it’s one of the things I still love most!

Master Bedroom Makeover

We hung photos from some of our favorite beach trips above the bed.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Ed let me get lace-trimmed sheets, and I love them! Just a little bit of detail makes me happy.

Master Bedroom Makeover

It only took 10 years of being in this house to finally hang photos of my children in my bedroom. Now I can see their smiling faces every morning when I get up.

Master Bedroom Makeover

Yes, we have a TV in our bedroom. We have 4 kids. The downstairs TV is always taken. This is the only place we ever get to watch movies or play video games (C’mon. You knew we were nerds). I love the shiny woodgrain finish on the doors of this Ikea cabinet, but my favorite part is the white glass top. The Ikea guy thought I was nuts when I told him that’s what I wanted, but I still love it!

Master Bedroom Makeover

For a room we spend more than a quarter of each day in, it’s about time we made it a relaxing space! A happy mom is a happy household, right?

Here’s to makeovers and progress. Cheers!

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  • Cheryl
    Posted at 14:56h, 18 September

    OK so.. where did you get those gallery frames over the bed? And where did you get that dresser? I’m dying over them! I really need to hang some of my own photos – why does that seem so tough? Love the idea of your beach trips over the bed!

    • Amy
      Posted at 11:03h, 19 September

      Cheryl, I got the 12″x12″ frames from Hobby Lobby (during one of their 50% off frames things). The mats are custom cut to 5″x5″ and cost more than the frames! The dresser (and the bed) are from Ikea. I can’t wait until the one in St. Louis is finished! It will be much closer than Atlanta 😉