make history.

Over the Thanksgiving holidays, we made history. Or rather, we recorded it. And by we, I mean my mother. And by recorded it, I mean she walked around the house with a video camera stuck in her hand, while some of us cooked, some of us played video games, and still others of us tried to keep overactive boys out of the kitchen. While about 85% of the recorded footage is all of us saying, mom, put that thing down!, I’m sure we will all one day be grateful.

Both of my parents no longer have their parents with them, so I am extremely thankful to have my family around, especially during the approaching holidays, when everything seems to be busier, louder, crazier, yet more joyful than usual. And I’m grateful for today’s technology, that hopefully will correct for a retired schoolteacher with two nearly-blind eyes in need of cornea transplants, who insists on walking around with a video camera.

Vintage Video Camera

I’m a photographer, and I will never take for granted the value of still photographs. But I know I will (one day) appreciate these snippets of our lives, complete with sound, movement, and laughter.

So get out there and make history. However you choose to do it. Cheers!

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