Santa Monica CA

los angeles: santa monica

I almost felt guilty. Almost.

While the girls were attending their morning classes (they had 3 each morning, then 3 more each afternoon), the moms got to go sightseeing. And shopping. Santa Monica was all about shopping!

Santa Monica CA

Santa Monica CA From the rooftop terraces of a local upscale mall, we could get a glimpse of the ocean in the distance. One of my favorite things about California was the sight of palm trees that rose high above everything, no matter where you looked.

Santa Monica CA Santa Monica CA We stumbled upon the best lunch place, right across the street from the beach. It was the most delicious meal I had the entire time we were there! Be sure to check out Water Grill if you’re in the area!

Santa Monica CA After lunch, we made our way to the famous pier to catch a view of the ocean from another angle. I would have liked to see the ferris wheel and amusement attractions all lit up at night! Santa Monica CA Santa Monica CA Santa Monica CA Santa Monica CA Santa Monica CA Santa Monica turned out to be exactly what I had pictured California life must be like. Long sidewalks next to the beach with skaters and picnickers. Shops lining busy streets while men in business suits rush past the foot traffic. Even on a weekday, people were everywhere. Outside, enjoying the beautiful weather. It made me wonder if anyone (other than the suit-clad business men) worked in LA.

But I don’t blame them. If I lived there, I wouldn’t want to either!

Here’s to a day of shopping. And ferris wheels on piers. And long, languid lunches (say that three times fast!). Cheers!

  • Sarah
    Posted at 21:54h, 21 May

    Loved the beach scenes, & that Agave looked huge!!

    • Amy
      Posted at 08:44h, 22 May

      The agaves WERE huge! I loved all the plants and flowers there. Lots of succulents!